We Dare not coming to the US

Although most of us have watched the trailer for Ubisoft's flirt simulator We Dare by now, it appears the controversial advertisements have since been region restricted - only viewable to European markets. It appears that Ubisoft aren't enjoying all the attention that We Dare has received over the last couple of days. Ubisoft were contacted about the ad restrictions, but refused to comment on the issue. However, and ironically, they did mention that We Dare would absolutely not see release in the United States.

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OmniAtlas2698d ago

Funny how everyone in the US goes ape shit over an ad with sexual innuendoes, yet violence is typically okay (e.g. that kobe bryant COD ad).

I don't have a problem seeing this being aired in Europe, or even in Australia.

The only thing they have to work on is the 12+ label.

Apotheosize2697d ago

I dont think people had a problem with the sex, just the commercial was so cheesy, ridiculous and the games content just blows your mind

kreate2697d ago

well... someone did have a problem with it cuz now, ubisoft doesnt want to release it in the US due to bad publicity.

we dont have much freedom here in the USA..

if few moms dont like it, we aint getting it.
that's the bottom line.

Silver3602697d ago

Might be better if it isn't release over here. Just imagine, replace the two hot french chicks with two overweight house wives or two senior citizens. Eyes will be jumping out of skulls all over America and running for cover.

HolyOrangeCows2697d ago

A couple soccer moms complain and POP!, just like that, it's gone?

Megaton2697d ago

'Murika gets all the violence and none of the sex.

VenomProject2697d ago



The_Zeitgeist2697d ago

This is BS. Swingers in the US are being discriminated against. I will not stand for this. Stand with me gamers!! Lets be gamers for SWINGERS RIGHTS!!!

MrBubble2697d ago

What ever looked stupid

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