We Dare trailer already causing controversy: "Will encourage orgies and under-age sex"

Daily Mail: "A new ‘sexy party’ computer game has outraged parents with lurid adult content which they claim will encourage orgies and under-age sex."

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Rush2554d ago

I know am posting on N4G so am not really the best person to say this but...

Don't people have anything better to do with there pathetic meaningless lives.

I mean there's so many other "problems" they could be solving with the PC bullshit.

Wish Activision would piss the entire retard parade of, at least then when an 80 year old judge who has never played a video games bans it it's no real loss to the world.

shadowknight2032554d ago

Yup. We Dare will just be, at least in a worse case scenario, viewed and used by the government in this case (this is just my own predicting not saying it will or will not) to give them more power over what games get banned and what games don't get banned. The government already is trying to accomplish this and this will most likely be used as yet another example as to why they think they should have control...key word there control.

Otheros002555d ago

OMG!! We Dare causes under age people to have sex even though none of them know about the movie or saw the movie.

Pozzle2555d ago

If anything, the trailer will put people off having orgies and underage sex. :D

LoneWanderer092554d ago

I still wonder why are they making this for the Wii

Pedobear Rocks2554d ago

Because all those mom's that bought Wii Fit and no other games need something new to play.

VenomProject2554d ago

Yeah, because orgies and underage sex never happen normally.

Bear_Grylls2554d ago


Damn kids humping eachother all the time. It's horrible, someone please think of the children.

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The story is too old to be commented.