Bitmob: Magicka: Five tips and strategies from the guys who made the game

The action-RPG Magicka is a game about choices. Not which princess to save and how...more like, do you kill that advancing horde of imps with a big fireball, big shards of ice, or a big red beam of arcane energy? With so many options for destruction at your murderous fingertips, what's the most efficient (or spectacular) way to blow stuff up?

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choadley2698d ago

Poor arcane steam lightning: The nerf bat is still the strongest weapon in any video game.

rod_furlong2698d ago

I didn't know how to do the volcanoes, I'll have to give that a try.

JamesDeRosa2698d ago

I can't click a game-related link without hearing about this game. Maybe I should pick it up....