Bitmob: Okamiden and Dragon Age 2 illustrate the do's and don'ts of demos

Bitmob Staff Writer Chas Guidry: I always thought the point of a demo was to encourage players to buy the full game or hold their interest until its release. Okamiden's demo does neither. Developer Capcom should follow BioWare's example in the future.

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choadley2768d ago

Wouldn't it be hard for a DS demo to create something of the same scope as a 360 demo, which uses your hard drive space to store the game? Still, good luck to both games.

Chas_Guidry2768d ago

Possibly, but Capcom could have just given us a similar setting (a floating island) but let us wander around, kill enemies, level up, and buy stuff, just to feel that sense of progression. What we got instead seems like Capcom was rushed to churn out a demo to meet a deadline they forget about.

rod_furlong2768d ago

I definitely enjoyed the DA2 demo. I'm liking what they did to rogues. Mages, on the other hand, seem less uber.

JamesDeRosa2768d ago

I want to play Okamiden, but I'm not sure I'm going to get the time to....

Xof2768d ago

Okamiden has a demo? Cool.

AS for DA2... I don't think anyone (any discerning one) would ever hold it up as the golden standard for demos.