New Duke Nukem figure is creepy as hell

Tomopop: "I have to admit I gave up on Duke Nukem Forever a long time ago. It's not that I won't take a crack at the upcoming game, but 14 years in development? Any excitement I had fizzled out after the license was shifted to the third developer. NECA is looking to help usher our foul mouthed, cigar chomping hero into the 21st century with a new seven inch poseable figure.

The new figure is a significant step up from the grolla armed 1997 release. It has what you would expect from a modern figure; including 20 points of articulation, and detailed accessories to match. After almost 15 years I would have hoped that Duke might have changed his clothes, or at least gotten a Bieber haircut to get with the times. Jokes aside, Duke is a bit too much of an institution at this point to need to change for anyone. Sorry Duke, after so many years Albert Wesker has filled that esthetic need, and that empty hole in my heart you left behind."

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shadowknight2032614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

anyone have any idea how rare these things usually are? like how many are produced.