Gamesradar: Batman: Arkham City - Finally, an actual gameplay preview

Forget that Christopher Nolan business, this is the real Dark Knight.

We had our doubts about Batman: Arkham City. Would it live up to our 2009 Game of the Year? Could it possibly maintain what was so great about Arkham Asylum while making the transition into the genre of the open world game? What about the relatively short development time? Could they possibly make a game as fleshed out and polished in just about a year and a half? As it turns out, yes. Yes they can.

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TheBatman_Fanatic2731d ago

Arkham City isn't open world....

Pozzle2731d ago

It's more open-world than Arkham Asylum, presumably.

tablav2731d ago

To be fair, though it didn't follow the TYPICAL open-world style, even Arkham Asylum had a element of free-roaming to it, allowing you to take multiple routes and revisit old areas once unlocked.

I can think of a lot more games that are far more linear.

Also, who cares? It's going to be amazing!