8 Simple Reasons You Suck at Killzone 3 Multiplayer

It doesn't take much to screw up an entire team in a multiplayer shooter like Killzone 3. If one player insists on being dumb then the whole squad suffers.

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truegame2763d ago

Great read. Very fun, but True.

farhad2k82763d ago

This is so true, people are so quick to jump on the hate wagon and criticize KZ3 Multiplayer after an hour of play, have you ever thought that it was YOU'RE FAULT as YOU suck at the multiplayer part of this game?

Meh, I've been playing KZ3 Multiplayer for 12 hours STRAIGHT, and boy do I love it. :D

DarkBlood2763d ago

damn 12 hours straight are you close to full rank yet im only 6 or so hours in?

-Alpha2763d ago

This was just a fun read, not meant to explain why people are complaining.

Kon2763d ago

Damn, sorry man, but you have a life? 12 nonstop hours playing videogames isn't normal. Well, or so i think.

Pixel_Enemy2763d ago

"We'll be playing an objective-based game and notice some teammate is basically camped up in a corner with a sniper rifle racking up kills. What? Why? You're not doing anything. Your kills are good for nothing but e-peen. And we're still not impressed."

Best quote of the article!

TheGreatBambinoX2763d ago

Have you ever thought that maybe they dont suck and the game is not as good as Killzone 2. They made Killzone 3 feel way to much like every other damn shooter. Just like COD. It's a shame really because the game could have been so good, but I guess that happens when you want to make those COD fags come tag along to a beast game that isnt. KILLZONE 2 all the way. BOOM!

RedDead2763d ago

I wasn't too bad at the Beta, I ended up in the top 5 most of the time per game. Teamwork isn't as essential in this as it was in KZ2 imo. One person can kill three much easier in this.

DEagle-izer2762d ago

@ Kon

Damn, sorry man, but you have a life? 12 nonstop hours Trolling the comments isn't normal. Try saying something sensible for once in your life, We all play games beyond normal hours.

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farhad2k82763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I got the game at 3PM GMT (I'm from the UK), I got off around 30 minutes ago and now its 3AM. I've realized that operations give me the most EXP, I'm now Lieutenant II.

I think you can check out my KZ3 stats on my profile:

It should work. =/

DarkBlood2763d ago

ah ic i havent touch any of the other modes yet i just been playing warfare for that 6 hours or so and i gotta say its really fun getting killstreaks and its awsome brutal meleeing 3 people in a row that one time but i forgot lol

this will be the shooter i'll be playing alot on my ps3 equal to reach on my 360

Legion2763d ago

Good strategy. Would have to disagree with number 4 though. If you kill someone or even just trading bullets with them away from the objective point then you are equally preventing them from entering the fray. If you can get a two man team to lay down fire in a v avenue away from the objective then you can funnel any remaining enemies into what they think is a safe route while your objective team knows where the enemies will be coming.

Simple strategy really... you get those people that keep coming back and get killed and then when you do get someone smart enough to take the alternate path then the objective team is primarily focused on those routes to keep enemy from objective.

HolyOrangeCows2763d ago

"Are you actually concerned that somebody is going to play a medic in an online shooter? Let alone a medic with Triage+ leveled up? Go sit on the bench"

*Looks ashamed of self*
I does play as medic.... :(

Prototype2762d ago

Some maps medic is almost needed to actually help win the match, since 3 lets all the jobs open out the gate everyone wants to be sniper but very few want to raise people to keep the fights going. I play medic on some maps because everyone screams for one but doesn't have the willpower to use the job. Plus I like the idea of getting up when someone shoots me so I can kill them easily

xTruthx2762d ago

'Damn, sorry man, but you have a life? 12 nonstop hours playing videogames isn't normal. Well, or so i think"

Says kon, the person whose on n4g 24/7

Scary692762d ago

I could not agree more, you have so many idiots playing this game it is not even funny. You have morons blocking doorways, you also have morons standing around and not paying attention that if your team is trying to do an objective this one moron can get everyone killed. Why? because the moron thinks this is COD and believes sitting in a corner helps.

syanara2762d ago

I have one to add to this article

if you run into the enemy base and find yourself surrounded by enemies who may or may not notice you right away and you have an unwaivering feeling that you are about to die then pull out a grenade. likely what happens is that one or two of the guys there think they can melee you and your grenade will fall out of your hands and usually get a kill or two.

I've gotten a 4 kill combo with this tactic once. I love it

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GSpartan7772763d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That picture for no.5 (You Think This is Black Ops) made my day. Nice read.

frankiebeans2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

9. you just dont like the game and just bought it for the socom beta.

that would be me.

EDIT: Im new to this site and i see allot of people dont like honesty on here, you dont need to dislike my comment its my opinion. i did not say the game sucks . wish i can see who dislike my comments so i can see who the real fanboys are.

farhad2k82763d ago

Huh? Socom Beta?
How.. =S

frankiebeans2763d ago

its a scratch off code that comes in the box with the game

BigPenguin2762d ago

Well shit, I guess I need to go get KZ3.

farhad2k82763d ago

I never received one :(
Are you sure it was in the box? Did it have Socom art work on it?

frankiebeans2763d ago

yea it right in the box and on the front of the box it says socom 4 mulitiplayer beta.

GoldPS32763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I'm the 5th person who disagree with you. Not becuz I'm a fanboy but you paying $60 for a game just to play a beta. You could have saved your money and wait for the public beta if there be one I hope.

frankiebeans2763d ago

yea but the thing is socom is my favorite online game and really the only online game i play. i had socom1 day 1 and still play with the same clan i think 7 or 8 years now. i also still hop on socom 1 every now and then its socrack. and yes the servers are still up for socom 1.

gypsygib2762d ago

It's disagree not dislike like there's a difference. If people disliked your comment it would be a minus bubbles.

I do like the game and didn't buy just for the SOCOM beta so I disagree.

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NeloAnjelo2763d ago

The reason people suck are:

1)There is no auto aim. Hip fire is key to close encounters
2)You need to play as a team
3)Its objective based so killstreaks mean nothing
4)Its balanced across all modes and classes
5)Its not glitched or broken online.
6)The controls are not floaty, and every weapon feels different without super fast reload speeds.
7)You can't call in dogs, helicopters and remote cars, nor can you run about the map aimlessly trying to kill people
8)Its not COD. And if its not COD then people actually have to play the game, rather than the game playing for them.

Shadowolf2763d ago

Agreed! Killzone 3 will expose a gamers lack of. This game is definitely for the hardcore with FPS multiplayer skills.

BK-2012763d ago

I still think they need to nerf the Marksmen class.

NeloAnjelo2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Actually the Marksman's (Scout's) ability has been reduced in update 1.02. The scramble is less effective. Also they no longer have spot and mark. Then again I could be biast since I used to be a KZ 2 Scout. I think the shotgun is too strong, or the range is too much. The only class I would fix is Infiltrator, as they can meele without breaking disguise. So you have ones that just wait at the edge of your spawn area and meele. So frustrating! I still love the game though.

Killzone 3 has a deep and layered multiplayer. It's not for the faint if heart.

espiritu6042763d ago

Well said...Helghan dogs would be cool tho. Have helghan dogs have red glowing eyes and super ripped and buff and shi- yea...


Black102WingS2763d ago

2 things about me, I'm patient and adabtable in other words, k3 is a piece of cake :)

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