Instant messaging for PSP

eBuddy, the free web-based instant messenger, has just launched their web client for the PlayStation Portable.

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Squeezle3917d ago

I've been waiting for something like this for a while. Good to hear it works with the AIM service too. It's just too bad that I won't be able to use it much as my campus has a VPN server and I've yet to find a VPN client for the PSP. Someone should be working on THAT!

happygamer3917d ago

wow can do some cool stuff with the psp

djt233916d ago

yep you are sooo right

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy3916d ago

Does anyone know if this works on the PS3 if it does that would be great!

kspraydad3916d ago

Use the 'mobile' version here:

The new PSP version is built for PSP ... prior to its release PSP users could use too (and still can)

akaFullMetal3915d ago

this is pretty cool
and if you can use it on your ps3 that would be really awesome too