RIDICULOUS Price for Windows Phone 7 – Angry Birds and more to come

If you’re looking to get your Xbox Live mobile gaming on with a new Windows Phone 7, we might just have the deal for you. At&t and Samsung have a new Windows Phone ad you might have already seen but, if not you can see it right now, below. They’re advertising the Samsung Focus for $99.99. That’s a great price for a great phone but a RIDICULOUS price would be $0.01!!

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Hitman07692767d ago

haha, how is this possible? : P

SeNiLesBack2767d ago

I don't know, but on my way to help my in-laws order one...

Sent from my Windows Phone 7

fromasterjay2767d ago

Wish I was eligible for an upgrade!

Blaze9292767d ago

amazon always does these 1 cent deals with new contracts/service....I thought it was 2011, my bad

SeNiLesBack2767d ago

Amazon does do the 1 cent deals all the time but usually only for new customers. This deal is for ALL... Helps to read the article.

Kon2767d ago

Im going to buy at least 100

awiseman2767d ago

Lol that would be a whopping $1! A real wallet burner!

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The story is too old to be commented.