Do Military Shooters Demonize Other Countries?

After playing through every recent Call Of Duty game and a number of other shooters, one may notice a pattern emerging across all of them: the antagonist is usually another nation, especially ones with robust military power. But is it really fair to portray these countries in such a dark fashion?

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drewboy7042769d ago

If its a realistic game it has to be like this.

Quagmire2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Hell no. If it was realistic you dont demonise an entire country and its citizens. You have to look at who the real enemies are, and then differentiate them from the innocent helpless people who are stuck in the warzone with no where to go.

You must also realise that not only is American troops trying to get rid of Al Qaeda and Taliban and other terrorist groups, countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt also want them gone, but its hard when media propaganda blindly paint the enemies as Afghani's or Pakistani's, or Iraqi's, when instead it is small groups, not entire nations, who are the enemies.

CyberCam2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The sad thing is, many of you don't realize who the real enemy is... the Al Qaeda are but a shadow of what they were before.

Many of you should search youtube for interviews with US soldiers for the real scope on what's going on over there. Many are discussed with what they are asked to do by their superiors and many can't live with the guilt when they come back home.

All in the name of democracy... but the real motivation is control of the oil fields & power!

drewboy7042768d ago

I know this, thats why in the no Russian mission they showed the difference between the bad and the good people

Rob Hornecker2768d ago

This is NO different than watching the cable 24/7 news channels and saying that they are the cause of all the troubles in the world.

I say,bring on the games and let me shoot something!

saint_john_paul_ii2769d ago

thats why game companies attempt to allow you to play both sides, even though the American Media tries to demonize it.

therapist2769d ago

all countries leaders and people demoralize themselves!

Not all people of any given country mind you, most, average, day-to-day citizens of any country in the world are good people, but their leaders and extremists are the ones who get the attention

In the west we have the hard-core-have-fifty babies and kill every prisoner right wingers, and the gay marrige, kill more babies but save the african skunk beatle lefties...

lol and in the end, they all work for the same people

The bankers!!

theres truth for you all!!

CyberCam2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Agreed therapist! It's posters like you that renews my faith in humanity and somewhat restores some hope that not all people are blinded by propaganda that the control media dishes out to the masses.

The bankers control everything like a puppet show... they own everything and are the causes of all wars because they profit from both sides of every war!

Well said my friend... +bubbles!

Soldierone2769d ago

Russia always attacks us in games because they are a powerhouse and the only true threat of the US. why is that a bad thing? If i were Russia id be like eff yeah we are badass like that!

JohnnyBadfinger2769d ago

Russia and America having nothing on China... incase you have forgotten America belongs to China now and i would not be surprised if they had a large portion of Russia as well.

If WW3 breaks out my money is on China... well technically they already have my money... but you know what i mean

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