Conan PS3/360 has Released in Europe to Little/No Fanfair

Conan for the PS3 and 360 has released in Europe. There was talk that the game was delayed until early next year, but instead the game is on store shelves from today, 28th September in Europe. It was further said that the PS3 version would be delayed by two weeks (, but it has also been released today.

There are no reviews, and it's released in the week of Halo 3 - begging the question, how is this going to sell with little to no hype?

The reviews will arrive next week, and although a date for release in America is unknown, it's believed that it will be out sometime next month. Furthermore, there will be a demo timed with the release in America, sometime in October.


From further research, the game is out in the UK today on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

In other PAL territories (Europe and Australia) it's out on Xbox 360 today, with PS3 following in October.

Both PS3 and Xbox 360 will wait until October 23rd for American release (along with a demo).

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RadientFlux4092d ago

from what I am hearing online... the game well nothing ground breaking is a solid 3rd person action title.

PirateThom4092d ago

I like how they tried to sneak it out with no reviews in a week with a huge game... Conan must be really terrible.

The Dark Knight4092d ago

ive got it and im loving it

Violater4092d ago Show
AllroundGamer4092d ago

i'm at the last level now, and i had really fun with this game. Tho it is a GOW copy, but adds some more gore and nudity + some new gameplay elements :)

Panthers4092d ago

Cant go wrong there. Wonder when it will hit the States

WilliamRLBaker4092d ago

if the game is good it will sell, As much? nope but it will still sell and if its really god it will really sell.

Its the companies fault that made it that they just released it with out any press release or any such thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.