Crysis 2 Goes Live, Again

Check out the Crysis 2 demo once again on Xbox LIVE and PC for the first time. Sorry PS3 owners, you've got to wait.

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Silly gameAr2702d ago

I'm sure PS3 owners will find a way to survive without a Crysis 2 demo, though it will be hard.

Pray for us.

Tony-Red-Grave2702d ago

if crytek really wants to make a splash on consoles they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot; if your coming in one sided you've already lost sure you can agure the 360 is more FPS friendly but i doubt many even realize what their getting crysis and no matter how much crytek chooses the much easier looking path they eliminate any potential buyers on the ps3.

a good dev takes advantage of an opportunity to make a sell a great dev sales on all platforms and treats each fanbase equal. since crytek went console multi they've shown over attention to one base i'm sure some PC players would agree seeing as they should've been first for the demo/beta.

Biggest2702d ago

Just going by the comments on my friend list I see awareness of:

inFamous 2
Killzone 3
Resistance 3

No one that I personally know is interested in Crysis 2. Not that it matters. I will be playing on PC anyway.

MintBerryCrunch2702d ago

some cant grasp the concept of sarcasm

Tony-Red-Grave2702d ago

lolololol i saw the southpark ep with mintberrychrunch

hassi942702d ago

Or it's just not funny?

Pathetic when people pretend they don't care sarcastically, it's like a 5 year old's mind game.

Tony-Red-Grave2702d ago

howd i get a disagree for watching TV? O_o

WetN00dle692702d ago

I guess that why cause you were watching TV instead of playing games with it.

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AKA2702d ago

yeah :)"lol"
im havign a hard time ;)
oh nooo what will i do ;p

TBM2702d ago

i'm not bothered by this, i'm so backlogged with games that crysis 2 can wait for me. there are other games i want to play before this and others i still need to play.

badz1492702d ago

Crytek is trying hard to bump the resolution to at least 720p! yesterday's sub-HD news is not really taken well by most gamers! it's their own fault! all the talks and their game is not even HD!


yeah it was a scaled down frame as it was a trailer to be shown on youtube intentionally.

"Mazinger dude, the well known wizard from Neogaf has found out the resolution for Crysis 2 PS3 and it runs at a resolution of 1024*720. This is really surprising since Cevat Yerli had boasted that the PS3 version will use the SPU’s power a lot."

I think youll find thats 720p, nothing new here, most console games run at variations of 720p, its not sub HD its sub TRUE HD and of course TRUE HD is only achievable on certain console titles like GT5 but for the most part PC ofers the true HD gaming experience.

get one and hook up a 360 Pad if you dont like keyboard and mouse, its worth it if graphics mean that much to you.

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ghostface2702d ago

There's only two shooters I'm waiting for, and thats BF3, and Socom 4.

Visari2702d ago ShowReplies(9)
zeksta2702d ago

By now, I get the fact that PS3 doesn't mean anything to Crytek.

But honestly, this is just complete idiocy now, you've lost sales from me and I'm sure a lot more people at that.

RBLAZE19882702d ago

This has nothing to do with crytek. These things are purely EA's decision. But i think since the 360 demo left a bad impression to 360 players EA wants to make it up. Ps3 fans need to stop being so paranoid

WetN00dle692702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I for one liked the 360 demo. And i know of a few people that liked as well, therefore EA shouldnt try to make up to anyone and just release the PS3 demo. Besides we all know the true reason, not many people on the PS3 will be interested in playing it since they are too busy playing KZ3.

Gamer_Z2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

True, with all the games releasing this year on the PS3 Crysis 2 isn’t even on my list. I tried out the demo on my Xbox 360 and honestly I didn’t think it was all that great.

zeksta2702d ago

Yeah, You do make a good point there, when we on PS3 have a game that's graphically and better matched on the PS3, we wouldn't need a Crysis 2 demo, however, there are many Crysis fanatics I know on my PS3, and they're obviously dis-pleased with the fact that there's no Demo.

Megaton2702d ago

"Crysis 2 goes live, again. Check out the Crysis 2 demo once again on Xbox LIVE and PC for the first time."

*checks Steam, nothing there*

"...March 1st"

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