Amazon Offers $10 Credit on Pokemon White or Black Pre-orders

"Pre-order Pokemon White or Black for $34.99 and get a Free $10 Amazon Credit, plus the following bonus Pokemon:"

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slargent2731d ago

love you long time Amazon...

NoobJobz2730d ago

Hell ya! I tell you this must be the best year of gaming.

Pokemon black/ white
Killzone 3
Gears 3
Halo ce
Uncharted 3
La noire

Oh yeah. I am set.

Rush2730d ago

Not actually a fanboy list there am impressed.

NoobJobz2730d ago

Well I have all systems so I don't really get into the fanboy stuff. I get to play it all and so far it looks like a great year to be a gamer.

I enjoy games as a whole, not restricted to one console. I honestly feel sorry for people that only have one and feel there system is superior, they are really missing out.

plb2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

If I didn't have a gamestop right across the street from me I'd be all over these Amazon deals. I can't be bothered to pay shipping when I can take a 2 minute walk and get the game lol. One of the benefits to living in NYC ;)

White-Sharingan2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Shipping is free and no paying tax so I don't see how that's better than going to Gamestop, plus they give you $10, but I guess to each their own. I guess if you can't wait a few days extra for the shipping, then it's understandable.

plb2730d ago

Yeah but free shipping isn't overnight and I like play day 1 or is it?? ;)

NoobJobz2730d ago

$3.99 one day shipping
Free two day shipping