GameSpot: The Darkness II Exclusive Preview

It has been roughly four years since people parted ways with The Darkness, and since then, it has changed hands from developer Starbreeze to Digital Extremes. GameSpot recently met up with publisher 2K Games to watch a demonstration of The Darkness II in motion and see what changes the new developer has in store.

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christheredhead2642d ago

ive been waiting a very long time to get a sequel. the darkness 2 is gonna be awesome. hopefully gamers are excited about this.

BeOneWithTheGun2642d ago

The cel-shading worries me.

christheredhead2642d ago

i kinda like it. its not fully cel shaded. its a mix between that and a sorta gritty look from the 1st. they might be trying to give the comic some credit with that look seeing as how thats where the root of the game is from.

sehnsucht2642d ago

That instantly turned me off...I was excited to hear DE was working on the game (though I would have preferred Starbreeze again). My wife loves the first one, when she heard/saw this one was cel-shaded she didn't care to hear any more either.

christheredhead2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

cel shaded graphics tend to get a lot of hate. i love cel shaded games. XIII, wind waker, cel damage, valkyria chronicles, etc. i was more stoked upon hearing that it was gonna be cel shaded but hey everyone likes different styles.

BeOneWithTheGun2642d ago

Agree to disagree. It is a matter of personal preference. I appreciate devs trying to maintain the comic feel, but its...damnit, its just too cartoony for me. Borderlands case in point. Great gameplay, an atrosity to look at.

CrzyFooL2642d ago

Sounds bad ass. Want to buy more screens and video tho.

NoobJobz2642d ago

While the first game certainly wasn't amazing, I had fun with it. I do remember thinking the graphics were really good at the time.

ElementX2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I bet 80% of the fans of The Darkness never read the comics. I've read the compendium, it's an awesome read. It really brings the story together.

christheredhead2642d ago

ive never read the comics but after hearing about the darkness 2 announcement i thought about trying to get into them. are they pretty good?

ElementX2642d ago

Yes. The compendium is a collection of a few different story arcs. It's a hefty tomb of over 1000 pages. Awesome artwork.

anasurimbor2642d ago

The first game was pretty fun. Anything stepping out of the FPS mold is though. I'll play a sequel.

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