We Dare Ubisoft to Reconsider

SarcasticGamer - Since Sarcastic Gamer is known for its parody videos, we can definitely appreciate humor in other trailers. However, Ubisoft accidentally accomplished humor, along with sheer uncomfortableness, with their newest marketing for a new game titled “We Dare.”

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-Mezzo-2766d ago

Dear God, Here Comes the Fox.

Rush2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Am sorry but although that advert made that look really fun and sleazy in real life.....

Well lets just say I don't see any girls having much self respect wanting to play that with a guy.

And for the girls that don't have much self respect. let's be honest they didn't need a video game to get into bed.

I can see loads of nerds going out to pick this up only to find no one will ever play it with them. And being the laughing stock of there social circle (if they have one) for owning it.

I mean maybe for couples already in love... buy why not buy pornography instead of watching Mii's get it on....

Quagmire2765d ago

yes, coz thats what a cople of sexy chicks and handsome men want to do at with their Wii's


ShiftyLookingCow2765d ago

Now imagine a bunch of elderly folks playing the game.

Oh the horror!

-Mezzo-2755d ago

Why would you say that, i just pictured an Image in my mind, OMG.