Game Rant: ‘Crysis 2′ Hands-On Impressions (in 3D)

Game Rant goes hands on and in 3D with ‘Crysis 2′ at the 2011 Microsoft Gaming Event, for an early experience with the campaign. Read on for their thoughts.

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Not sure about sp but 6 on 6 MP seems boring. I will try PC demo and see if I will purchase it. Is 6vs6 console only or PC too? So many other games coming out so not too concerned.

trunglefever1917d ago

6v6 MP is pretty functional. In a first person shooter, the number seem small, but how can anyone forget how fun Halo 2 multiplayer was when it was just 4v4. Playing CoD games on modes like Ground War seem far too hectic. Additionally, Gears 3 will feature 5v5 only (Wingman exception), so the player count isn't going to be a huge loss.

Eventually, if Crysis 2 can get enough support in the multiplayer department, patches could be made available to bump the numbers up to be 8v8 or higher.

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Tyre1918d ago

Great preview...makes me want to play it even can somebody say Crysis is boring? dude u are so

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