Geoff Keighley Says Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Is a Hoax

RipTen: "Well, apparently we’ve all been fooled. According to industry insider Geoff Keighly (a guy who knows people) Activision has said no reveal is taking place next week."


Activision has now issued the same statement.

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CrzyFooL2157d ago

This is either one hell of a PR stunt for Battlefield or Keighley is playing us all ... or both!

lociefer2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

maybe its another mw2 map pack, or they decided to change the name of the game, call of booty: vaginal warefare

Boody-Bandit2157d ago

Activision should change the series name to: Call of Cookie Cutter

sdtarm2157d ago

nobody cares about Call Of Duty anymore

chainer30002157d ago

@sdtarm - as much as I dislike it, the 50 bajillion or so people who buy every version of the game and the map packs for 15$ a pop disagree with the few of us who actually DO NOT care anymore.

Well, only enough to read about if they will keep doing yearly releases and kill the series themselves.

MaxXAttaxX2157d ago

I thought Activision would release the games under "Call of Duty" only and Infinity Ward as "Modern Warfare".

So unless they're back together, I don't see why Activision would announce a "Modern Warfare" title.

Either way, it's time for people to move onto better things. Like Battlefield 3

hassi942157d ago


Infinity Ward never left activision, they're still together.

Some developers left infinity ward and created a new company, but Infinity Ward still exists and is a part of Activision with all Trademarks they may own.

FanboyPunisher2156d ago

IW is basically gone, the core structure that drove the direction of COD in general has left.

IW may as well be called Poopty Doopty productions now, since they will only bring shame to the once amazing studio.

Soldierone2156d ago

@ above "Infinity Ward" the name still exists with Activision but thats do to dirty business tactics. "Infinity Ward" owns all kinds of rights, and if Activision let that go guess what they lose a court battle.

The entire company has changed, infinity Ward is no longer infinity ward.

Its like removing Ted from Insomniac and his entire main crew and still calling the company Insomniac.

bluegreenman2156d ago

no, us on n4g dont care about COD anymore, but millions of other people do. Thats why it sells so much

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shooterexpert2157d ago

Duty calls 2.

hope its ea messing with cod fans.

Kreyg2157d ago

Well, we'll have to wait and see. However, Keighly could just be messing with us to throw us off guard.

MEGANE2157d ago

I don't care if is a hoax... with out Zapella and the other funder and without 30 of IW lead programers this game is gonna be worse than black ops.... F@#$ u activation!

wwm0nkey2157d ago

Oh man if this end up being for Battlefield I will laugh my ass off to no end lol

limewax2157d ago

Please let this happen, BF3 is the only FPS for me, nothing can compare to BF2 even today, BFBC2 is only a fraction of a true BF game. If this can follow the footsteps of BF2 but bring the HD glory CoD wont get half the sales at the end of this year

MrAwesome2157d ago

I was pretty excited about MW3 reveal so this is a disappointment :(.but also if it was a teaser site I think they would have been a little less obvious than

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