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Geoff Keighley Says Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Is a Hoax

RipTen: "Well, apparently we’ve all been fooled. According to industry insider Geoff Keighly (a guy who knows people) Activision has said no reveal is taking place next week." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Activision has now issued the same statement.

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CrzyFooL  +   1490d ago
This is either one hell of a PR stunt for Battlefield or Keighley is playing us all ... or both!
lociefer  +   1490d ago
maybe its another mw2 map pack, or they decided to change the name of the game, call of booty: vaginal warefare
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Boody-Bandit  +   1490d ago
Activision should change the series name to: Call of Cookie Cutter
sdtarm  +   1490d ago
nobody cares about Call Of Duty anymore
chainer3000  +   1490d ago
@sdtarm - as much as I dislike it, the 50 bajillion or so people who buy every version of the game and the map packs for 15$ a pop disagree with the few of us who actually DO NOT care anymore.

Well, only enough to read about if they will keep doing yearly releases and kill the series themselves.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1489d ago
I thought Activision would release the games under "Call of Duty" only and Infinity Ward as "Modern Warfare".

So unless they're back together, I don't see why Activision would announce a "Modern Warfare" title.

Either way, it's time for people to move onto better things. Like Battlefield 3
hassi94  +   1489d ago

Infinity Ward never left activision, they're still together.

Some developers left infinity ward and created a new company, but Infinity Ward still exists and is a part of Activision with all Trademarks they may own.
FanboyPunisher  +   1489d ago
IW is basically gone, the core structure that drove the direction of COD in general has left.

IW may as well be called Poopty Doopty productions now, since they will only bring shame to the once amazing studio.
Soldierone  +   1489d ago
@ above "Infinity Ward" the name still exists with Activision but thats do to dirty business tactics. "Infinity Ward" owns all kinds of rights, and if Activision let that go guess what they lose a court battle.

The entire company has changed, infinity Ward is no longer infinity ward.

Its like removing Ted from Insomniac and his entire main crew and still calling the company Insomniac.
bluegreenman  +   1489d ago
no, us on n4g dont care about COD anymore, but millions of other people do. Thats why it sells so much
shooterexpert  +   1490d ago
Duty calls 2.

hope its ea messing with cod fans.
Kreyg  +   1490d ago
Well, we'll have to wait and see. However, Keighly could just be messing with us to throw us off guard.
MEGANE  +   1490d ago
I don't care if is a hoax... with out Zapella and the other funder and without 30 of IW lead programers this game is gonna be worse than black ops.... F@#$ u activation!
wwm0nkey  +   1490d ago
Oh man if this end up being for Battlefield I will laugh my ass off to no end lol
limewax  +   1490d ago
Please let this happen, BF3 is the only FPS for me, nothing can compare to BF2 even today, BFBC2 is only a fraction of a true BF game. If this can follow the footsteps of BF2 but bring the HD glory CoD wont get half the sales at the end of this year
MrAwesome  +   1490d ago
I was pretty excited about MW3 reveal so this is a disappointment :(.but also if it was a teaser site I think they would have been a little less obvious than findmakarov.com
Hitman0769  +   1490d ago
Sandwich Bender  +   1490d ago
Even if it is a hoax, I'm sure the actual reveal can't be too far off.
belal  +   1490d ago
haha lol hope cod burns! make a cod4 quality game or GTFO.
RioKing  +   1489d ago
Every cod game since cod4 was supposed to be "better"...but wasn't, maybe (prolly) never will be. Battlefield 3 baby I can't wait!
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1490d ago
Hoax or not... who cares.
creamsoda  +   1490d ago
Eh, who cares I can't believe people are still getting excited for another COD game. Damn sheep.
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FFXI101  +   1489d ago
Like chainer3000 mention above
There are still lots people playing CoD MW2 & Black ops even though both games are $hitty due to many reasons.

People get excited because we all craving for good shooters and some still have hope that MAYBE just maybe they'll finally make/publish a quilty shooter like CoD MW. But I really doubt it as long as Activision still behind it.

That's why I was hoping Home Front will be good and I'm looking forward to other shooter(FEAR3, BF3, SOCOM4..etc)
ChrisGTR1  +   1490d ago
of course MW3 is in the works, activision pumps these things out every november like clockwork.
theonlylolking  +   1490d ago
Zampella and I think the other guy own the Modern Warfare name so activision would have to pay them money to have the name modern warfare in it. The likely hood of activision paying for something like that is slim.
ChrisGTR1  +   1490d ago
activision owns IW so everything they make is owned by activision. next game is MW3 just watch.
hassi94  +   1489d ago
No infinity ward own the name, and IW are owned by Activision. Zampella and West are no longer part of IW. They own nothing of the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare name.
damnyouretall  +   1489d ago
what like they dont have the money to pay for it?
MRHARDON  +   1489d ago
Here is the deal

On May 23rd there is a court hearing for the Activison vs Zampella & West and at the same time they are going to hear the case by the "Infinity Ward Employee Group" that 38 people from Infinity Ward filed against Activison.

If Zampella and West win they get the rights for the MW series and COD series and millions of dollars.

Same with the employee group lawsuit, but they only want 125 million dollars, no rights to any game.
Bob570  +   1490d ago
Why does anyone care?
LeonVesper  +   1490d ago
Because apparently the majority of the FPS community play CoD religiously, and anything related to the Call of Duty franchise would be purchased like Apple and its iPhone, iPad, and iPod products.

It doesn't have to necessarily be a great game to sell well, so long as they listen to some of the player's suggestions and complaints and implement them, the game itself doesn't have to be revolutionary nor redone from its predecessors to sell well. Looking at how they hashed up Black Ops, it felt exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2. But then again, that is just an opinion of mine.

If this is a hoax someone cooked up, well good for them. If it is not, well good for them. I mean, looking at the games coming out as a whole, I think I feel comfortable playing Battlefield 3 instead.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1490d ago
100% agree with you Leon. When I first put in Black Ops, I immediately went 28-0 in Team Deathmatch. Want to know why? Because I'd played MW2 A LOT, and BO felt exactly like it.
hassi94  +   1489d ago
Slightly off-topic, but I bought my iPod classic to store and listen to music on. I chose iPod not because of the name but because of the brilliant software it is paired with, I had already been using iTunes for 3 years before I even bought my iPod.

So in this case I don't think it's fair that people say people just purchase Apple goods for the name. Some of them are quality products (I take a stand against the iPad).
bananasNmonkeys  +   1490d ago
I think its interesting how there is a hammer sound. Hinting at Sledgehammer developing MW3?
mstoner82  +   1490d ago
Could be a hammer...sounds more like a mono pistol to me though, with the treble turned way up.

edit: either way, bubble for you!
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ugo  +   1490d ago
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its obvious dis was done by ea
Tilian  +   1490d ago
Half of what Keighley himself says is a hoax. Guy over-promises and hypes his Spike TV crap all the time.
Barajas_201  +   1490d ago
totally agree with you man, cant wait by the way :P
Optical_Matrix  +   1490d ago
I can imagine it'll be announced at Microsofts E3 conference :/
RXL  +   1490d ago
April fools is around the corner..
mstoner82  +   1490d ago
but not in four days....still have a month to go.
Relientk77  +   1490d ago
Geoff Keighley is a hoax
kornbeaner  +   1490d ago
Yes, because Geoff Keighly is the Jesus of this joke we call videogame Journalism. F*&K Geoff Keighly.
LoneWanderer09  +   1490d ago
Hahaha who cares about Call of Duty
ps3deo   1490d ago | Spam
Zashule  +   1489d ago
Anyone else notice the noise sounds alot like Splinter Cell? Think it could be Future Soldier related?
damnyouretall  +   1489d ago
what could they possibly do different to make mw3 better? im so used to the lack of innovation that i cant think of one thing from cod. the controls are smooth so i dont see that changing ever. graphics will stay the same because of the 60 fps preformance issues. i doubt they could add vehicles or destruction because of the framerate that is expected. maybe that is whats holding them back,,,idk
MrBubble  +   1489d ago
I was actually excited I like the cod campaigns

I know I'm going to get a whole bunch of disagrees but I find them really fun
damnyouretall  +   1489d ago
cod2 was my favorite and it was just a campaigne, so yeah i agree with ya. cod4 was good but i enjoyed the ww2 feel a little more. i think it was the weapons that made it a little more intense.
Resistance  +   1489d ago
Good cause do we really want another game riddled with exploits, glitches, and no support from the makers?
SuicideShaun  +   1489d ago
We have too many of those, on BOTH consoles...
zeeshan810  +   1489d ago
WOW can't you guys tell its FAKE! This site is created from Toronto.

96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

"96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

Call of Duty domains are registered from CA.

"Mary Tuck
Activision Publishing, Inc
3100 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405
turgore  +   1489d ago
What game companies are in Toronto ? the new ubisoft studio ?
zeeshan810  +   1489d ago
and Rockstar Toronto. I doubt they want to advertise Modern Warfare.
SuicideShaun  +   1489d ago
"Maybe it's a publicity stunt by ea for battlefield" wow, what a tool.
Ima9er4Life  +   1489d ago
Thank God. I cant stand to see another COD game. I use to love the franchise, now its gettin kinda boring. Too messy, and its the same shit everytime. Good for little kids tho
zeeshan810  +   1489d ago
They already scratched the surface. Activision can't even say now "We're just starting to scratch the surface."
adamant715  +   1489d ago
Watch this have to do with Vince Zampella and Jason Wests new game, haha. I would laugh my ass off..
xCaptainAmazing  +   1489d ago
That's what I've been saying. At the end of the day, the flash elements on findmakarov.com are way more professional looking than the average user could come up with for a hoax. Whatever it IS, I'm sure it's something that will happen at GDC.

Modern Warfare isn't a bad franchise at all. It started amazingly strong, and MW2 was actually not bad considering the short-ass development time. Some studios need a bit of extra time to iron out the bugs, and Activision did not help at all in this regard (clearly didn't let them do a beta, etc.). If Respawn Entertainment gets the rights to Modern Warfare in the court battle, I would be happy to give them my interest again. They are a talented group who was brought down by their publisher. With that out of the way, they could do great things again.
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CanadianTurtle  +   1489d ago
Thats a shame because I was really looking forward to this.

The modern warfare series really stands out to me, espeicially MW2, since it's my first CoD game. I loved the music, story, and overall game. I don't understand all this hate.

If you don't like it, then just ignore it, holy shit...
It's true there are many better FPS games out there than CoD, but at the time being, no FPS is going to top CoD in terms of sales.
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