Days of Thunder: Arcade rolls into rare Friday finish on XBLA

So, the Days of Thunder game missed the movie's 20th anniversary thing last year -- was it a thing? -- but there was still one last, sort of deadline for the Xbox Live Arcade version to hit.

In late October, when Paramount Digitial Entertainment was still racing to get the game out for the anniversary, a representative told us that both the PSN-exlcusive "NASCAR Edition" and the vanilla Arcade version would be released "around the same time" (whenever that would be). On Tuesday, the NASCAR Edition finally rolled onto PSN, but then Wednesday came and went, with only one Blitz on XBLA.

But Days of Thunder is all about drama, right? A thrilling finish! And so, here we are, a Friday of all days, and there's a brand-new XBLA game available for $10 (800 points). It's like ... it's like Microsoft didn't want an univited guest in its House Party.

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