IGN:Fight Night Champion Review

IGN:It was my first fight as the great Roberto Duran. A few rounds in, I noticed Duran's white trunks had this odd red pattern on them. After a moment, I realized it wasn't dye in the fabric, but blood. My opponent's blood.

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DualConsoleOwner2728d ago

prob will pick this up for story.

Quagmire2728d ago

Ok, lemme see. IGN gave Fight Night Champion 8.0, this isnt Call Of Duty, convert that into non IGNorant score, and you get...


Yep, FNC deserves about that. Brilliant game, day 1, loved the demo, cant wait.

Rainstorm812728d ago

Yea i doesnt get old but IGN stands for IGNorant....

I mean seriosly READ the review...They put the same comments for Gameplay and Lasting Appeal...WTF

IGNorant and Lazy.....

FNC is the best ive played in the franchise..and in IGN's review they knocked the game for some dumb reasons....reasons the wouldnt down-rate COD for....

NYC_Gamer2728d ago

we need a true boxing simulation

Kon2728d ago

Punch-Out is the best in the market

Montrealien2728d ago

this is still a great boxing game, I tried it out this morning, started the Champion mode, and I must say, I was enjoying it alot.

Quagmire2728d ago

Are you high? How is Punch-Out a simulation? Its like saying Hot Pursuit is a driving simulator.

Montrealien2728d ago

Hey Quagmire, does Samus have a gun as his arm, or is he wearing like some form of glove?

Fishy Fingers2728d ago

Based on your limited experience with the demo?

Montrealien2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I have limited experience with the actualy game, and I from my first impression this is easily an 80%+ game. Its one of the better boxing games I have played in quite a while, well, at least since Fight Night round 3.

trounbyfire2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

games are slightly different in that we are told as much info as possible about it. over time we either think its great or terrible.

he clearly thought from all he seen and heard that it would score higher.

its not like he just heard of FN for the first time and wanted to bash ign. you must be a ign beyond listener. don't judge a book by its cover well guess what we know whats inside the book, the character, plot, setting we know it all. we are not just saying a game sucks or is good based on the name or cover art but what we know.

did we play the game, NO
Do we know alot about the game yes so forming a opinion is valid

so take you" you didn't play the game crap back to ign.

@ warrior9988
please don't be a troll i defending you. i hope i am right

@Fishy Fingers
well i was the guy that called out ign beyond out for saying what you said. so yeah. also it doesn't matter what build it the fact we are given a crap load of info means we are not just bashing ign but the fact that we saw a higher score

warrior99882728d ago

hey i said that because IGN always do that

Fishy Fingers2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

First off, funny you felt compelled to jump to his/the games defence.

Secondly, I'm asking a legitimate question, what experience with the game does he have to diminish IGNs review after having actual time with the retail build?

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Chicago85062728d ago

I'll b tha judge of how good FN Champion is.
Being a fan of the series since the start, I've been anticipating this game.

I just can't c myself going without a boxing game in my collection.
There's just something gratifying about knockin' someone out

Game on everyone!

warrior99882728d ago

@ trunbyfire im no troll bro

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