PING/PONG: Sony's Portable Strategy - NGP And The Future Of The PSP

How will Sony factor into the upcoming portable face-off? An in-depth pondering of their strategy through the Next Generation Portable, Xperia Play, and the future of the PlayStation brand.

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nevin12577d ago

If the PSP2 is schedule to release in 2012 then thats bad considering 3DS will have a yr without a direct competitor( direct as in traditional video game handheld) . Nintendo could easily reduce the price of 3DS to go along with a improved library.

Also consoles could receive price drops by the time PSP2 releases everywhere.

johnlucas2577d ago

That's a great point. Sony can't wait too long or they'll be the odd man out. If they are trying to compete against Apple, do they have what it takes to kill the public perception that Apple is the best brand in the land? And if they fail on that front, will they be unable to adjust strategy to compete against Nintendo who remains the handheld console emperor?

None of this even gets off the ground if they don't launch this year. If they somehow sidestep the "cool brand" problem, will the NGP's price kill 'em before they start? Sony had better think this thing through thoroughly before they step out again.
John Lucas

Stealth20k2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

all these morons think apple actually matters when sony themselves have said its nintendo whose the enemy.

Again another article from losers who have no clue about the industry