OnLive Sneaking up on the Console Gaming Market

OnLive is positioning itself to revolutionize the gaming industry and how we game.

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xxxAnubisxxx2730d ago

Great article... looks like a revolution in gaming could be upon us

BDSE2730d ago

How dumb are you that you've submitted an article from your own site and then commented on that article using usernames that make reference to that site?

For the record a revolution in gaming isn't upon us, OnLive's business model is poor and frankly most people prefer to own the physical product. Also the article is rubbish and your website is naff.

xxxAnubisxxx2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I had no part in writing or submitting this article.... but thanks nonetheless

JLesinski2730d ago

I submitted the story, they happen to also be writers for us. How dumb are you to think that people from a company don't want to help advertise their product?

Let's try to move past the petty personal affronts and try to have a discussion about the article I submitted. If you feel that way about our site I suggest that you ignore the articles we submit to N4G and go about your business as we go about ours.

In response to your comments about OnLive, would you care to support any of your assertations? Or do you simply spend your evenings going around video game industry news sites and posting comments without caring to support your arguments?