Killzone 3 Interview With Chris Haluke "Killzone 3 is out the of the door, and Guerrilla Games are now probably enjoying a nice glass of champagne to celebrate. Before that all happened though, we had the chance to meet up with Chris Haluke, the lead level designer on Killzone 3."

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Hardedge2763d ago

Interesting that they had two dedicated teams just for the controls, from what I've been hearing it seems to have worked out pretty well.

ShawnCollier2763d ago

Sounds like they put a lot of work into the game.

MrAwesome2763d ago

Yep, It only takes one look at a screen shot and from the graphics you can tell they put alot of work into it.

mephman2763d ago

I still can't believe how much effort they put into making sure Move actually worked properly, and added something to the experience.