Top 10: A PS One Classic PSN Wishlist ~ The Sony Geniuses

The Sony Geniuses: "Sony was kind enough to give us a second chance at many wonderful PSX classic titles, but sometimes I feel like their selection leaves something to be desired. If it were up to me, these ten games would also be available for purchase on the Playstation Network... I would certainly buy them all. "

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MrAwesome2762d ago

They should start releasing more Ps2 classics and add trophy support for PS1 classics.

B-Real2062762d ago

I really want legend of dragoon. I never did finish it.
Fear Effect would be a nice addition as well.
P.E. was rated by the esrb so that should come soon.
IQ was a good game too.

Could have sworn Prappa was already on the store. Kick Punch it's all in the mind.
What an awesome game. I lost hours playing this one with friends.

Azianphil882762d ago

Suikoden II is a very rare game especially finding a hardcopy version. Bushido Blade is also good