FPS Trainer Announces Beta Stage, New Features

Just in time for GDC 2011, developer Play2Improve will be moving their browser-based training service, “FPS Trainer” from it’s Alpha phase into it’s Beta phase.

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Shackdaddy8362769d ago

Just play counter strike until you get to the point where you aim for the head automatically. Worked for me...

JoeIsMad2769d ago

Unfortunately for most people they will reach a ceiling as to where their game can go. This is developed to help you surpass your best play quickly, rather than developing slowly over years.

Shackdaddy8362769d ago

Well I just know that I learned everything about fps games playing CS. Sniping, headshots, quick-switching weapons, knifing well, no scoping, maneuverability, shooting fast, etc.

plb2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Problem is most people play FPS on consoles these days with aim assist etc...It's crazy that CS is still the most played game on Steam and it's typically doubles the number of COD players.

Current Peak
_____________________________ _____________________
27,515 71,645 Counter-Strike: Source
23,750 76,592 Counter-Strike
19,088 24,370 Sid Meier's Civilization V
16,831 20,887 Team Fortress 2
16,602 39,225 Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer
12,635 13,270 RIFT
11,518 16,222 Left 4 Dead 2
10,997 38,442 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer
9,289 23,648 Football Manager 2011
7,911 9,819 Garry's Mod

256bit2768d ago

ive been playing 1.6 for a long time and the only map i play is dust2 cause my favorite server is only a 24/7dust2 only map. thats how aweseom CS is.

Mista T2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

yep, don't be surprised if you guys suck when you play for the first time.....

Tip: go into Gungame servers, fun stuff, you'll get better over time.

256bit2768d ago

lol give a console player an awp watch him cry.

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