Rockstar Games register new domains! New GTA?

Rockstar have snapped up some new domains, all of which sound very much like the spoof corporate titles of GTA IV, including Getalife, Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, Zit and more. The list so far comprises of:

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Warprincess1162727d ago

OMG a new GTA. Im so excited right now. Hopefully we hear more about this at E3

DTUMan12727d ago

Agreed. Though this isn't concrete--it is most certainly something to get excited about!

ATiElite2726d ago

Rumor is GTA Vice City 2 December 2011.

Now that is a bit of a stretch seeing how LA Noire is coming out in May that might push VC2 back to early 2012 than allow for Agent in the fall of 2012 and maybe a Bully 2 and another RDR by 2013 thus closing out this gen of consoles.

ReservoirDog3162726d ago

GTA V is in London. Play TBoBT. All they talk about is trouble in London and Lazlow says he's going international if you listen to him. That rumor must be false. And the GTA creators have said before that most of the old characters are either dead or they don't care about them anymore. So I highly doubt it and you should too.

Now, a worldwide GTA with London and Vice City. That's possible.

Thatguy-3102726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Can't believe last generations GTA games were ten times better than GTA IV!!!! IMO Rockstar took a step back instead of going forward with the series; which is weird because the consoles this gen are superior than last gen, so we should have gotten a better game... If true hopefully they expand the game more just like they did with San Andreas !!! So as of now I'm just curious to see what will they bring this time around

Bull5hifT2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

The space on the Xbox's 6.7gigs made the real Gta4 get striped down..... They said the little things in the lost and damned and ballad of *** tony were part of the original idea.... Not sure ... The Agency is supposed to be a Cold War era GTA game with the limit of blurays 52 gig, with a Spy story ...... Also i have a feeling they took alot of stuff out, to hold back new stuff for a new game, to force you to buy it later

showtimefolks2726d ago

but rockstar and taketwo don't just want GTA to be their best selling franchise.

that's why they took a risk on RDR and mafia 2 should have been much better i think now both San Diego and rockstar will help with mafia 3 since those 2 developers have experienced with gta and RDr both open world great games

gta 5 will not be here till fall 2012 no way RS:N are working on agent which the president of T2 said is ther next big franchise and he expects it to do what gta did with ps2

this fall we will get to play the step-brother saints row 3 hopefully on a new engine and much bigger and better

mercenarie2726d ago is what i believe Rockstar's way of making fun of

anyone agree?

LoneWanderer092726d ago

If is GTA 5 i will go nuts at E3

Zydake2726d ago

I love R* i remember when I'd see the news in the morning and every dam commercial break had the comercial with the real life goldberg ligner and shyster. Than when i played GTA to see this i started rofling to myself because they make fun of every1 LOL

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danmachine2727d ago

If it isn't announce this year I will literally eat my own shoe.

Its a certainty.

trainsinrdr2726d ago

nooooooooooooooooo i want it

MonkeyBoy922726d ago

Do you want the game? Or the shoes he might eat if the game isn't announced?

MGRogue20172727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I want a new GTA! GTA IV is getting really old now...

It'd be really awesome if it's a GTA game for the new Sony NGP

GTA San Andreas Stories

hassi942727d ago

No. We want a REAL full GTA.

DaTruth2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Remember when we use to get a new GTA in a new city almost once a year. Now we get DLC in the same old city!

I wish people would stop buying that stuff. Activision has more teams dedicated to DLC than to games... and their games are little more than glorified DLC on a disk!

Multiplyer map packs down the road a few months are fine but GTA's DLC was the equivalent of playing through all the same levels in a linear game with just different story interactions! ie Mass Effect 2 with all the same planets, layouts, same collector ships, but just different reasons for being there with different enemies and different characters. It would be like paying again for the same game!

I was also real disappointed to see maps for Killzone 3 on the store release day. Dividing the community day one!

liveActionLeveler2726d ago

Or maybe a perfect NGP port of GTA V from ps3 and 360.

DTUMan12727d ago

Agent is set during the 1970's--so that game will likely not have an ingame internet. Just saying. :)

UnSelf2727d ago

maybe itll have in game intranet

iNFAMOUZ12727d ago

ps3 exclusive I wouldn't mind, seeing as I got a ps3 last year, would be great to see it exclusive and harness the power of the cell and rsx. Just imagine, a world 10x more realistic than gta 4 and way bigger!, with no annoying stupid blur! lol

SuicideShaun2726d ago

Games tend to be more fun when it's across all platforms, not saying that it's better, because no matter what platform it's on, an exclusive usually is better, but with a game like gta having it on all platforms and seeing the popularity of mods and youtube will always make it more enjoyable. It's the only reason games like cod are so big, think if cod was an exclusive, wouldn't be so popular.

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