Killzone 4 Teaser?

After completing the game, players will see this clip between the first and second post-rolls. Could this be a teaser for Killzone 4 or Killzone on NGP? Sound off in the comment section below.

As Killzone 3 has only been out for two days, I'll warn you that the clip below does come after the game and could certainly be considered massive spoiler material.

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MrAwesome2704d ago

KZ4 is a no brainer for GG but right now Iam looking more foward to their new unannounced IP.

AKA2704d ago

KILLZONE 3 had a great campaign and the ending make me want for more but i wkll save KILLZONE 4 for the PS4 .

i also want to see the new GG IP this generation...

thereapersson2704d ago

It's still hard to believe we can come up with graphics like that on consoles. It seems like just yesterday that things were still in their infant stage.

RevXM2703d ago

New IP this gen. Kz4 for the next.

Im hoping ps4 releases late next year or 2013.
Its going to be a tough wait, as Ive started to imagine what GG could possibly doo with new hardware and new controllers or whatever to make the immersion great and make this sci fi adventure to feel realistic and cinematic.

And the online should be even better next time around, awesome physics would make MP so much more fun... like the gas bottles from Kz2 would fly around in a quite unpredictable fashion creating a spectacular chaos!
Destructible environments should be a
no brainer.

Dogs_PinoyPOOD2703d ago

NO! i we dnt want a new console generation. KZ4 for PS3 is fine

AKA2703d ago

yes i just saw the deeo information 1up give about GG and they pretty much say that GG next project is a new IP and that they also want to make the ultimate fps for the NGP once they have time.

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Eyeco2703d ago

its been out for like 4 days wtf

Reefskye2703d ago

Depends which country you live in :P

TheLastGuardian2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

How could Stahl have survived that?

InspectorG2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

are we sure it is stahl

Close_Second2704d ago

I thought the KZ3 campaign was great. However, work on the cut scenes please. Average dialog, poor pacing and the editing seemed all over the place.

After such a great climax to finishing the game it cut all too quickly to the credits after yet another poor line (or two) of dialog.

andrew1719942703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

"how many people were down there" than credits start rollin... like wtf

redsquad2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

To me, it actually looked like the clip shown above was intended to come before the credits (to judge by the way the camera panned down through the clouds towards the planet, anyway).

Maybe putting the clip part-way through the credits was a late decsion (it seems trendy to do that these days, especially with movies) - As such, it did seem very abrupt.

electricshadow2704d ago

When I saw the ending I was like "AWEHHHHH YEAH! Killzone 4!"

bageara2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Just been playing MP so far. GAME sent me two 24 hr double xp codes! 48hrs double xp! :-D

TronEOL2704d ago

This may be a "teaser" for the NGP Killzone game. Since GG stated they were making a new IP at two different times (that I heard of). Although I do want a new Killzone, I think they should save it for PS4. Since I can guarantee you it isn't that far off.

So GG can play a bit with this new IP (probably for about 2-4 years), and then return to their baby. I'm actually looking forward to what else they plan on making using the Killzone engine.

DoomeDx2703d ago

I dont know.
Killzone for NGP is not made by GG btw.

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