Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller only $29.99 with FREE Shipping at 12:01am on 2/28/11

Conflicting Gamers, "If you’re like me, you hate playing Fighting games with a joystick.

But by using a controller to “cheese” your opponent with Akuma you probably know all too well the beatings your controllers can endure. I’ve personally worn down the rubberized coating on my Xbox 360 controller’s left stick down to the hard plastic underneath. And I’ve absolutely obliterated the shoulder buttons on every console that ‘Street Fighter’ has ever been on dating back to the SNES."

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fromasterjay2643d ago

Perfect...I need another controller....

BakedGoods2643d ago

Solid deal 'cept I just spent $70 on one of those new grey controllers...

awiseman2643d ago

Good deal, especially for fps fans.

Hitman07692643d ago

Good price I might pick up one for PC