Bizarre Creations Staff Form Lucid Games

Former members of developer Bizarre Creations have announced the creation of a new game development studio, Lucid Games Ltd. This comes one week after the doors were officially closed for the former studio. With this new studio opening, it is expected that over fifty new jobs will be created which is good news for the UK games industry as more and more studios seem to shut down.

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blazsox2700d ago

Glad to see Bizarre is back in some form.

adamthecarolla2700d ago

hell yes. now back to creating great games!

TBM2700d ago

good for them, and guys whatever you do don't sign any deals with activision please.

limewax2700d ago

I think anyone would be VERY cautious of signing with activision for at least a couple years with their recent ditching of IPs to focus on CoD.

Honestly though I saw this coming, everytime a studio closes another magically opens, not a complaint though

Kalowest2700d ago

You should've told that to Bungie.

limewax2700d ago

Yeah, that came as a big shock really. I doubt Acti will screw them over yet due to their reputation but in the future maybe, I was really hoping for something new and special from bungie but the activision deal has left me wondering if they could be making the long-rumoured sci-fi CoD.

RyuDrinksTheDew2700d ago

exactly, they are a talented group of devs.

cant wait to see what their next project is.

Sarcasm2700d ago

Sounds good to me, I hope they make some good games though.

MrBeatdown2700d ago

Awesome. Glad to see Bizarre live on in some form. Hopefully they keep focusing on racing games.

limewax2700d ago

I actually want to see them take a new direction, they do racing well but I always thought their talents are being wasted a bit, their racers always feel like they are perfectly balanced in realism and arcade fun.

I always got the feeling these guys could make an awesome action/adventure, RPG, or shooter even if the tech wasnt to stand out, I just always felt they would get the pacing nailed which is an absolute must for me personally

SandRazor2700d ago


HOSe2700d ago

blur 2 would be great fun!

MrBeatdown2700d ago

Sadly, I think Activision holds the rights.

blazsox2700d ago

PGR is owned by Microsoft, though that doesn't mean they can't work on it if they were to sign a deal.

I doubt Lucid will do any of their old projects. It's a fresh start, so we should expect fresh new IPs.

Obviously I wouldn't mind a new racing title.

Syaz12700d ago

microsoft seems to be outsourcing a lot to third parties though, maybe once they get thing running they could work on pgr 5 later this gen or as a next-gen project.

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