Bizarre sacked from PGR series prior to sale

Before its recent acquisition by Activision, Microsoft had already told Bizarre Creations that it would no longer be used for the development of future instalments of the microsoft-owned PGR series - thus ending a close working relationship and presumably prompting Bizarre's eventual sale.

According to a source within Bizarre who cannot be named (such is the way with such things), Microsoft had informed Bizarre that it would be taking development of future Gotham games in-house, before its then owners had decided to put the developer up for sale.

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krackchap3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

thats what you get for telling a DVD is limiting our vision.j/k
nice series btw,loved the first one metropolis street racer.

clownfacemcgee3771d ago

That's funny, but I liked Bizzare, and I think it's a shame they won't be designing the PGR series anymore. T'was a great series.

barom3770d ago

Don't worry. Nothing is stopping them from making another franchise.

ktchong3771d ago

I wonder if it has anything to do with what Bizarre had said about DVD size.

BloodySinner3771d ago

The Project Gotham series will never be the same without Bizarre.

Meus Renaissance3771d ago

It's not so much an issue now but it will be in time. That's no secret so I doubt Bizarre making a comment about it had anything to do their dismissal from the game.

shotty3771d ago

How so? Things get efficent with time

rbanke3770d ago

Things do get efficient, but not to that extreme. When it comes to using space and memory, the technology world doesnt often use less, it almost allways uses more. More ram, more drive space, bigger disk media, etc etc.

mesh13770d ago

neus ur the biggest sony fanboy no 1 cares what u say delude ur self more hayha halo 3 rocks =) bioshocka lso and ps3 will not amount to anyhtuing in the future ms has stolen all ps2 owners including me i loved the ps2 but i alwsy hated the amount of garbage games and also a lot of gems but they released 1 good game a year on the ps2 on the 360 well its amazing ps3 is garbage

vgn243771d ago

No one noticed that? Look at the details. Microsoft put BC up for sale? They didn't own BC flat out. They had a stake in them. This article is written using common knowledge information and made up filler to get hits. Look at the G-D details.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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