El Shaddai - Veil(Double Shield) gameplay

new gameplay trailer of El Shaddai

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Megaman42xX2702d ago

Wow, I was kinda excited for this game and then this came out. The game play looked repetitive and extraordinarily generic. For like 15 seconds of the video the player just got pummeled. Did no one review what they were putting out? I really hope they show something amazing before this actually comes out, the story actually seems really interesting.

Lavalamp2702d ago

Great to see a video highlighting a new weapon for this game. One of my initial worries was the depth of its combat system, but I no longer feel that way. There's a lot of ways you can approach a fight, from weapon choice, to enemy manipulation (i.e. disarming and juggling), it's got it all.

Good presentation: Check
Engaging combat: Check

Now, I really want to learn more about the narrative and characters. Especially Lucifel. Dude can stop time just by snappin his freakin fingas. Talk about swag.

Katana Yamato2702d ago

I can't wait for this game. Looks great and hopefully it plays great as well.