Why Stacking is game of the year already And just a little bit Racist

ThumbPads Brutal Gamer writes: A matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nested doll or a babushka doll, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. The word "matryoshka" (????????) is derived from the Russian female first name "Matryona" (???????). The word "babushka" is the Russian word for grandmother.

Double Fine productions return with their second arcade outing: Stacking, significantly less politically correct than their previous return to form in Costume Quest. Just like the stacking dolls that you can play with in this unique and slightly addictive puzzle game; as you unstack the layers a wholly politically incorrect and racist, if not just plain rude game emerges hidden within the old world trappings of a seemingly innocent concept. A game that has only one black person in it. While the highlights of the game innocently enough include farting, lighting said farts, urinating on people and flirting, these other-world dolls can also solicit women ina...

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BakedGoods2762d ago

...and now Stacking is racist. Meanwhile Australian's can't even play Mortal Kombat!

Next thing you'll know, Mario Galaxy 2 has ties to the Italian Mafia.

Sheikh Yerbouti2762d ago

I'm hoping that was more satire than an opinion piece.

Game is wonderful though...doubly fine. heh

rockleex2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I'm pretty sure Mario has ties to the Italian Mafia.

How do you think he's able to get so much shrooms?!

He was even able to break into the wrong house, but the Princess was in the other castle!

Kalowest2762d ago

How's the game being racist.

fossilfern2762d ago

everyone is far too sensitive now a days

Kalowest2762d ago


Truly they are. I thing if black ppl(like me of course) want to be represented well in a game, they should form a studio and make their own.

SuicideShaun2762d ago

They are just insecure, the real way to make your race a happier and accepted race is to walk away. People make white jokes but I don't care, then when someone makes a black joke, most black people freak out. It's like real life trolls, if you let it go and be proud and confident without caring what they say, they will go away.

Iancranium2762d ago

Read on and find out...
"Stacking is rated PG for 'Parental Guidance' but the ESBR should ban Double Fine from ever coming near our kids*, censor Stacking for mature content and put it on FOX News stating:

"Lighting your own farts is not only dangerous but bad for the environment"."

FanboyPunisher2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

So is using millions of liters of banned (around the world) dispersant in the gulf. Dont see fox covering the MASSIVE damage and sickness going on to the people down there more and more every day.

They must think people are mentally retarded to read that stuff...

We lived in a fucked up world.

TheOneWhoPwnsYou2762d ago

Puh-lease! My little brother whom is 6 played through Brutal Legend!

Stealth20k2762d ago

game of the year? its not even in the 10 best handheld games of the year

Tommykrem2762d ago

It isn't a handheld game after all

YogiBear2762d ago

I think the author of the article is reading too far into this.

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