The Secret History of Killzone

1UP: "We visit Guerrilla's top staff to get never-before-seen artwork and videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes development stories."

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Close_Second2697d ago

Regardless, just bring back the multiplayer lobby from KZ2 for KZ3. I loved being able to list the games being played and joining which one I was happy with.

The KZ3 lobby is step backwards and caters for casual gamers not the KZ hardcore.

mittwaffen2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I agree,

Matchmaking has ruined gaming by taking away choice, adding more issues along the way.

I like to choose what to play on the game that I bought; except with matchmaking it sucks you into a room where you can sometimes join mid game, and your team is being spawn camped..

lol, matchmaking fail.

Matchmaking+Lobbies = what needs to be done. GIVE US CHOICE.

AKA2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i understand taht lobbies rules but not the way they were in KILLZONE 2.
In kz3 you have the choise to list the exact map and mode you like and it only take few seconds, just quick game after you are done select the map and the game mode and you are in , its pretty simple and fast.

BTW this coverage is huge and a great read,
so the original team GG were part of Epic before Unreal they actually help to make the game and were goign to use Unreal Engine for KZ2 in the ps3 wich was a game for the ps2 but they were not happy with the engine and work on their own engine.
one of the main guys from GG just to work head to head with Clif B. the guy from Gears and GG are still friends with EPIC, interesting.

So they are making it easier to make they game lest harsh and know they have new tech and better everything and are exited to create a really mind-blowing game like KZ2/3 is not that but they way they explain it is like they next project is huge.

no wonder why KZ3 fells more like KZ1 because it was meant to be KZ2 and KZ2 was very basic shooter with the most core hardcore fps gameplay.

EmperorDalek2697d ago

Yeah, but worst thing about taking away choice is that you can quit, re-enter, quit, re-enter, the same game over and over and over. F**king annoying when the game you're trying to avoid is full of noobs or those using dirty tactics.

Headshot812697d ago

Man, thats one of the best coverages i've read in a while

KRATOS-PS32697d ago

Singleplayer is amazing so far. One of the best Shooter-Campaigns I've played.

AKA2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i know its sad how the hater will miss on this masterpiece, even if you hate kz3, guys rent the game or buy it used if it make you happy, you will love it.
Its that good.

ugabugaz2697d ago

My only critique is that it was simply too easy as compared with Killzone 2. Elite offered next to no challenge, to me anyway. Check my trophies, I have beaten the game on Elite.

KRATOS-PS32697d ago

I found it pretty hard on Trooper.

ugabugaz2697d ago

Right, well, Glad it worked out for you with the difficulty.

ugabugaz2697d ago

That was a very fine piece of journalism. Wish there were more pictures of their Old+New office though

DoomeDx2697d ago

There is a dutch site called

they have a video walkthrough in GG's new office.

ugabugaz2697d ago

Do you have a link to the video?