Nintendo, Sony & 3D Gaming In Wall Street Journal

Gamertag radio writes: "So what do I happen to come across in my reading of today’s edition (2/25/2011) of the Wall Street Journal but 2 articles on 3D gaming. The first discusses Nintendo and Sony’s branching out to 3D and how well (or badly) that seems to be going. Of course, they’re success or failure could ultimately shape whether 3D gaming sticks around or not. The second article touches on potential health problems involved with 3D for individuals with an already existing eye problem."

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Neko_Mega2763d ago

I think with TV's coming out with 3D support without glasses is going to work well for PS3.

But 3DS I can see Nintendo making games that only work in 3D and that can be a draw back for alot of people.

We willjust have to see.