PSNow!: New Silent Hill: Downpour images

New images of Silent Hill Downpour

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thereapersson2730d ago

The series died after Silent Hill 3.

phinch2730d ago

4 was different but had decent moments, other than that i agree

PLASTICA-MAN2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

but those aren't screenshots! Those are LAMESHOTS ! If you want to see all the new added screenshots in original size, go here:



And from the recent images, I can see that the graphics have improved and give the series justice!

AntoineDcoolette2730d ago

I liked the Silent Hill on PSP.... = /

Jio2730d ago

You never know, theres always a chance.

Rocket Sauce2730d ago

I thought Silent Hill 3 was where it turned to self-parody. I mean, this is a game where one character vomits a still-living fetus, then another person scoops it off the ground and eats it.

thereapersson2730d ago

SH3 has the closest connection to the story in 1. Plus, the art direction was the most demented since the first one.

It's all relative though; people take just as much issue with the third as others (myself included) do with the fouth.

AntoineDcoolette2730d ago

I don't recall the fetus thing...

And as thereapersson said I feel that SH3 was the the most frightening visually though I felt SH2 was more so psychologically. Maybe before I played SH2 as my first SH then SH3

Rocket Sauce2730d ago

Oh man, get ready to re-live the most magical moment in video game history. Spoilers and all that.

And for the record, I kind of liked part 3 until about halfway through - right before you actually go to Silent Hill. It went from creepy to just bizarre, but I still loves me some fetus.

jeeves862730d ago

We haven't seen gameplay and only have limited information on what's going on. How could you possibly say that?

thereapersson2730d ago

Because the last few games have done wonders to propel the series back into greatness...


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calitax2730d ago

It's very easy to start a judgement about a game without playing a second.

Acquiescence2730d ago

Anyone whose immediate response is to wave their hand and dismiss Downpour as another substandard effort in a dying franchise clearly hasn't read up on the interviews given by the development team, composer Daniel Licht or the excellent GameInformer exclusive article from last month. The writers clearly have a fluent understanding of the Silent Hill mythology; they understand how it works and have been saying all the right things thus far (no Pyramid Head, no nurses, monsters that only tie into Murphy's psychosis). Licht's few released excerpts, however brief, are exceedingly promising and provide a new lease of life in the wake of Yamaoka's departure from Konami (he worked on seven games - he had a good run of it, but now is time for new blood and fresh interpretation). And all the screenshots released, including these new ones, are stunning to behold, and truly highlight the graphical prowess and overwhelming attention to detail that Vatra are capable of. Don't be so quick to write this one off.

Oh, and the series hasn't been dwindling anyway: Shattered Memories was a hugely compelling, bold re-imagining of the Silent Hill mythos, and kicked the shit out of The Room, Homecoming and 0rigins.


Looks good, hope they develop a great SH Game.