250GB Xbox 360 Slim Goes Head to Head With PS3′s Price

It’s a well know fact that the PS3′s price has been discounted at retailers ranging from Amazon to high-street retailers. Now, the Xbox 360 has received a price deduction fairly close to the recent PS3 price drop frenzy.

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-Mezzo-2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Great opportunity , for Xbox 360 owners to Pick Up a PS3 & for PS3 Owners to Get A Xbox 360. Take Advantage of this offer.

@ HelghastDrake --- You just had to say it didn't you. Pfft.

BakedGoods2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Walmart just had the 4GB's for $150. Grabbed one to replace my old 360. Plus you can use the original HDD's in the slims if you're up to it.

kreate2702d ago

which walmart did u go to?
cuz i only see it as 199.00

NoBias2702d ago

Wait, you can use the original model hd's in the slims? I don't get it..

kreate2702d ago


u can. but u gotta open up the HDD cover and take the actual HDD out of that dam thing and connect it to a Xbox slim.

but its not really stable. depending on how ur doing it.

zootang2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Those PS3 stingy gamer deals turned out to be fake. Just looking for hits.

BakedGoods2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

It was a sale that went unadvertised in their flyers until this Wednesday, so I'm not sure if it's still on. Plus I'm Canadian.



Yeah you can just pull the HDD out of the old models and stick it in the slims. It's really easy actually. You can also spend $5 and get one of the MS HDD casings for the slims and stick your HDD in those too, then slide it into the slim.

2702d ago
MaxXAttaxX2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

But I think I'm more than happy with my 320GB PS3 and a Wii.
Got everything I need to play.

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AhmadCentral2702d ago

The PS3 deals in the UK were all 100% legit. Tesco Amazon & HMV all discounted the PS3 here.

falviousuk2702d ago

i was in hmv today and they werent discounted at all, they were at the normal prices. bogus crap news.

ProjectVulcan2702d ago

Its the first point of this generation where PS3 can be had at a pricepoint rivalling that of xbox 360 in the u.k.

Ever since it has launched PS3 has been considerably more expensive here in the uk, and has been hampered at retail against microsoft's machine. We can see better now the price gap has closed how well PS3 will perform at retail against 360 on an equal price footing.

Hitman07692702d ago

Sounds like a plan I don't really want an Xbox but I do need one

HelghastDrake2702d ago ShowReplies(5)
SpaceSquirrel2702d ago

Owning both systems is a must for hardcore gamers

Eiffel2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Not a must, but I'm proud to own both. Multi console owners FTW, content exclusivity doesn't gripe us.

rezzah2702d ago

Stop trying to convince yourself that your opinion on what a hardcore gamer is is the best one for everyone.

You know what sounds like a more reasonable opinion on what a true hardcore gamer is?:

Its not the time spent gaming or the amount of consoles you own but your passion for gaming.

You're basically saying a guy is more of a man than another for having a bigger dick.

blumatt2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

That's right. Just because I have a bigger dong than everyone else in the world doesn't make me more of a man. hahahaha j/k ;)

kreate2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

yea but most of the gamers in America only owns a Xbox360.

so if there is a good offer. gamers should be encouraged to buy a PS3.

gamers in Japan should go buy a Xbox360.
Flood Kinect with cute anime characters and I guarantee the Xbox360 will be a major success.

uh... Microsoft disagrees with me. no wonder Xbox360 is dead in Japan. =(

Halo/Gears strategy doesnt work there does it?

2702d ago
NoBias2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I agree that you have to own both. You can play the best from both worlds. That's a win each and every way you try to cut it.

It's great to never feel like you're getting the shaft because of something going exclusive to a given console :)

AndrewRyan2702d ago

I think to be hardcore you must own a gaming PC as well as a console. The fact that you would pay a lot to max out current generation games sounds pretty "hardcore" to me.

Perjoss2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

SpaceSquirrel is a truth speaker,

I would HATE to have missed out on Dead Rising or Gears of War, same goes for Uncharted 2 and MGS4. Oh and Mario Galaxy, Monster Hunter Tri and Twilight Princess too while we're on the subject.

edit: added quite a few bubbles to above posts, some people do speak sense around here after all.

maverick402702d ago

why is it a must though?I have all 3 consoles but i never play the 360. Got it for gears at the start but once i finished both of them I went back to ps3, got kinect as a present but it is rubbish. Why does that make me more hardcore than someone who just has one console?

tom012782702d ago

Owning 3 consoles doesn't make you hardcore, being hardcore makes you own 3 consoles.

Either that or it's a correlation/causation thing.

gamingisnotacrime2702d ago

that is my only reason to stay with one system

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Bebedora2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Good luck
Why would you want a lesser worth system?...oh wait...Morons are in majority. Since Day 1

Just had to pull that off my chest. True as it is.

Bebedora2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

You have to know this, 5% of population have 130 or more in like, what, 95% is left over? I am a master of math now, right?

Corrected my spelling error - I was a bit drunk.

Belasco2702d ago

I don't understand your post.

Bebedora2702d ago

I mean, why use a smarter system and get a good price for it? While the most of the population use a inferior product? Has this happened before? Betamax vs VHS is comming to mind.

Bebedora2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

If you dont understand why a PS3 is better than a Xbox360 now, I guess Xbox720 will be better...because majority prevails. Cannot you understand that concept, good luck!

My disagrees in my OP starst to count for my point. Prove me wrong - Buddies. =)

Lekumkee2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Awww how cute you brought out the old betamax argument.... lulz!!!

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Look at yourself though. You're fighting about which CONSOLE is better. Do you know the point of gaming on a console? It's for mainstream people to play games without any technical knowledge and less money. That's the point of consoles, and you kids sit on this site and try and compare two gaming consoles that are pretty much identical is different ways.

Counter Strike2702d ago

my bro wants one and i wont give it mine sinc eim playing kz3... lol awesome prices , price cuts at E3 confirmed so ?

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Just give him yours and go back to the funnest game ever, counter strike.

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