Shooters Are Getting Too Easy, BF3 Included

As many long-term gamers may have already noticed, the trend with how some of the top selling games is changing. Heck, most might even argue that the change has already come. Developers seem to have taken a somewhat backwards approach to what style of games sell for each genre and have adapted that knowledge into how they create each of their titles.

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xxxAnubisxxx2727d ago

Unfortunately, this article is 100% correct. I hope to actually have a hard time with certain aspects of BF3... Change it up!!!

hennessey862727d ago

killzone 3 on elite its incredibly hard

awiseman2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Auto-aim isnt hard and KZ3 has tons of it..its close to COD levels...Dont go there ps3 fanboy.

BF has bullet drop and minimal auto-aim and how the hell are they saying bf3 is to easy? There is no gameplay revealed!

Sounds more like a troll article to me.

hennessey862727d ago

erm no not really its just that killzone 3 is what im playing at the moment. It could have easily been dead space 2 on the 360 if this artical would have come out a few weeks earlier. The fanboy label gets thrown around way to much on this site.

suicidalblues2727d ago

@ awiseman

Haven't seen ANY auto-aim in the (kz3) matches I've played. You should check yourself for trolling instead of accusing others.

Silly gameAr2727d ago


Actually, Killzone 3 is a bit** on elite. You have to play to find out and you obviously haven't.

Always so quick to call someone a fanboy just because they mention a game on a console you despise.

hassi942726d ago


hennessey mentioned elite difficulty, this discussion related to story mode.

So the fact that there is no auto aim in multiplayer bears NO relevance to the argument between hennessey and awiseman.

Maybe you should check yourself.

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DeadlyFire2726d ago

I agree.

Look at RPG space. More difficult and people crave it with Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Gaming has been to simplified makes some games boring after short time with no challenge and no re-playability.

A few new FPSs in 2011/2012 I think will change that though for the FPS genre. My hope anyway.

JLesinski2727d ago

Interesting opinion article. Hate to say it but I have to agree. There's no skill needed in FPSes anymore, just takes a time commitment.

SixZeroFour2727d ago

wait a sec...isnt time and commitment how you gain skill?

JLesinski2727d ago

I agree that practice does indeed make perfect but what I was trying to say is that games these days only require you to try enough times.

Pandamobile2727d ago

I miss when it actually took some skill and effort to be good at a FPS game.

Valve, make Counter-Strike 2 already :(

Nitrowolf22727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

god yes CS2

solar2727d ago

hang on....before i comment i need to hide behind this box and regain my health.....errr, ability to type. got it!!!

all we got left panda is Valve to give us a brutal, no noob friendly FPS.

kneon2727d ago

Operation flashpoint is not at all noob friendly. But unless they do a better job on the multiplayer it'll never be counted among the other big FPS franchises.

hassi942726d ago


But also, Operation Flashpoint may not be nooby but it is utter shit.

Ducky2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

... Why do you miss those days?

I used to play CS regularly many moons ago, then stopped... but now, whenever I feel like playing it, I end up feeling more like a burden to my team. I still end up getting MVP in a round or two, but I'm pretty sure there's about half-a-dozen facepalms from the spectators.

Though, games in general are just getting easier. I still love CS (hence why I go to monthly humiliation sessions by playing it) but I don't think a difficult game like that will get any sales, especially on consoles which is generally a place for leisure rather than competitive gaming.

I still prefer TF2's approach. A low entry-curve with a high skill ceiling. It doesn't take must to shoot rockets with a soldier, but it takes practice to rocket-jump and rain death from the sky. Doesn't take much to burn down an enemy, but deflecting an arrow back to a sniper's forehead requires some training. Etc.

...Then again, TF2 is quite dumbed down when compared to TFClassic. =/

jashmister2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

People need to play TF2 on consoles, play as scout there is NO auto aim in that (definitely none I can see), it is so awesome.

EDIT: Other than the fact I never get a game on 360 TF2 anymore and I don't have live anymore, scout on PC is still kinda hard, not as hard as 360 tho :3

Pandamobile2727d ago

Fast movement + slow controller aiming would definitely make that challenging.

That's why the console version of Unreal Tournament 3 has slower movement speeds, lol.

Xfanboy2727d ago

Yes! CS is very challenging online finally learned to control my recoil!!

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PhoenixDevil2727d ago

very interesting point, rationally I completely agree, I want it to be gritty realistic and hard, which is why Killzone 2 was such a joy too me and partially why I'm thinking of not picking up Killzone 3

However my actions sometimes deceive my thoughts as I can play CoD for countless matches often getting the old 'one more round' syndrome and is the reason why I have put so many hours into CoD 4 and MW2. This is where its odd as I can play a single round of killzone and be satisfied, I can play hard and think that what I did was better because it feels harder than CoD but then I'm happy to switch it off - not to say this is always the case sometimes the situations swap.

Interesting, personally rather than see a new direction of FPS I'd rather see the return of RPGs or Action/Adventure games as the main genre as this gen has been dominated by FPS, thoughts anyone ?

xxxAnubisxxx2727d ago

I couldn't agree more. A return to stardom for RPGs would be awesome. Maybe Skyrim is the key...

limewax2727d ago

RPG for the dominant genre, its gaining the needed momentum thanks to mass effects and others, now we need multiple aspects of the RPG to entice people of different tastes

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