Americas Weekly Chart < Week Ending 19th Feb 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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zootang2460d ago

So marvel sold more on the PS3 in Americas, not bad.

zootang2460d ago

When the PS3 outsells the 360 at anything on VGchartz it must have because those boys like inflating 360 numbers and deflating PS3 numbers. It has been proven time and time again.

Death24942460d ago

VGChartz has been doing so since he was kicked from Neogaf for making up numbers. The site has it at a 4.2 million lead when we all know it's 2.7million since January.

gameman2460d ago

oh dear when they will ever learn

this is vglies ppl please do not I REPEAT do not use it as a proof for the sales

nightmarex1212460d ago

Ps3 dpad is awesome for fighting games probably why people bought it more for the ps3.

SixZeroFour2459d ago

and yet the hardcore always use arcade sticks for fighting games

offdawall2460d ago

really is funny how vg over tracks 360 hardware and software .... they are the worst sales source in history ... why does n4g post this garbage ???

Sirik82460d ago

Really is funny how a videogame site is inflating numbers of a system because M$ tells them too. Ask NG4 to post your "Make Believe" American sales that puts Phony on top.Be glad that you topped Wii for once. CRYBABIES!!