GameTrailers TV - Infamous 2 Special

"GTTV becomes electric when we deliver exclusive new footage from Infamous 2, including the full reveal of Cole's powerful female sidekicks. Plus, the latest on SOCOM 4, new Halo: Reach DLC, and much more!"

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BakedGoods2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

day one.

pain777pas2642d ago

This game looks like a GOTY candidate. I am not kidding folks. Sucker punch may deliver a fun and amazing experience rivaling UC3 or dare I say surpass it gameplay wise. WOW!

GoldPS32642d ago

Every 2011 PS3 exclusives looks like a GOTY candidate.

blumatt2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I loved InFamous 1, so InFamous 2 is a no-brainer, day-one purchase. I can't wait for it! The PS3 is breaking my wallet this year. I think I'd need like $600 to buy all the PS3 exclusive games that I WANT to buy, but sadly I can't afford them all. Plus, there's some multiplats that I'd like to have, but most of those will be skipped to get more PS3 exclusives. However, I'm DEFINITELY buying Battlefield 3!!!
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