Jessica Nigri: Video Interview with the Gorgeous Cosplayer/Gamer

"Nowadays, it is expected when you attend almost any event related to gaming and/or anime, cosplay and booth babes will be there to represent for a company or specific piece of work. While many of the beautiful women who take these positions do so for financial reasons, there is one gorgeous exception out there.

Nick would like to introduce you guys to Jessica Nigri, the stunning cosplayer/gamer who is doing it all while maintaining the passion for the industry."

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Nick2120042704d ago

How's it going everyone! I hope you all enjoy the interview. Don't be surprised if you see Jessica again soon on my show ;)

blackboyunltd2704d ago

MAN! How do you keep bagging these hot gamer chicks lol

Nick2120042704d ago

It isn't easy being FRE$H! LMFAO

Pandamobile2704d ago

She looks like a porn star.

Nick2120042704d ago

She deserves a lot more respect than that! It's amazing how people respond when attractive women enter this industry. No wonder they look at us like they do.

Pandamobile2704d ago

I'm just saying, she looks like your average person in the porn industry.

tordavis2704d ago

I thought you posted this already?

MGRogue20172704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Man, I wanna' bang her so bad... :(

If only I could spend just one night with her.. *sigh*

Nick2120042704d ago

Am I the only one disturbed by this?! Why do you guys think they view down on us?! BECAUSE OF THIS! She is HOT, don't get me wrong, but I have mutual respect for her unlike these n4g no-lifes. If I'm the only one who can actually treat a women like a human being on here, that's fine, but I have to battle the typical stereotypes because of people like this!

Dart892704d ago

Im on the same boat as you i hate when guys just come in and say something stupid i bet majority of the people here have not had a gf.

vickers5002703d ago

"If I'm the only one who can actually treat a women like a human being on here"

So because people want to have sex with her and will admit it without shame, that's somehow disrespecting her? Exactly how do you come to that conclusion?

And just because people would like to bang her, that doesn't mean that's all they would want to do with her.

We don't know her as you do, so all we can really know about her is what we see presented, a hot gamer chick who dresses up in sexy clothing. You wouldn't give me that "mutual respect" crap about a swimsuit model or a porn star would you (providing that their entire goal is to arouse people)?

And who gives a crap if people want to sleep with her? That's not a bad thing unless you're some puritanical uptight prude.

Get over yourself. Wanting to have sex with her =/= disrespecting her.

killajd2702d ago

Nick ur right nowadays all these boys think about from a hot chick is oh i want to bang her or any other perverted saying that goes with a hot women. They dont respect the lady. They just respect the boobs. Its sad really

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The story is too old to be commented.