Guard Your Necks; Decapitations in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With so much mind blowing craziness occurring the latest in-game Skyrim trailer you might have missed something very special. The decapitation of the skeletal warrior! Here is a frame by frame look at the decapitation.

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ASSASSYN 36o2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Oh hell yes! I want substantial gore. Bodies exploding would be nice.

HeavenlySnipes2699d ago

I was put off from Oblivion because of the terrible animations and fighting mechanics, but Skyrim looks like it changes all of this.

PS exploding bodies? From what?

Johnny Jiron2699d ago

A giant ass hammer or maybe a spell with explosive capabilities? Would be a bit much for the kind of game it is, but I wouldnt shy away from it neither.

peowpeow2699d ago

Bit much my ass :D I welcome it..much like the Fallout games !

TheGameFoxJTV2698d ago

Hopefully you are referring to Magic. Exploding from a sword would be awkward. lol

PidgeottosCrew2699d ago

This game could rape my family and I would still welcome it warmly into my home.

PS3 Supremacy2699d ago

OH HELL YES. It's been a long time coming, after witnessing Fallout 3's gore.

Masterchef20072699d ago

My only wish is that they make the PS3 version good. Cause that would be the one that ill be getting if it turns out to be a good port.

Zinc2699d ago

My PC is waiting...oh, yes... it will be mine.

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