Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster preview: Tickle me, Double Fine

"One of the things that I'm personally really passionate about -- the reason I'm in this industry -- is that I want to see our medium be more than it is already," Double Fine's Nathan Martz, and project lead on Once Upon a Monster, confided in me at a Microsoft press event yesterday. "Our human experience is so broad and yet our industry deals with such a narrow slice of it."

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Sitris2647d ago


I guess it appeals to the new crowd of gamers from kinect?

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Jezuz2647d ago

PS3 got Stacking
Xbox 360 got Sesame Street
Cool beans

Raven_Nomad2647d ago

Xbox 360 got Stacking too. This game is clearly for kids and families. You know, those things people sometimes have.

Looks good for what it is, I'm sure it'll appeal to families and people with children for sure.

Magnus2647d ago

I am surprised Sesame Street has never appeared on the Wii. I guess to kids on the Xbox Sesame Street is a good title specially with the Kinnect. But i guess achievement whores will beall over this title

Redgehammer2647d ago

My kids and I would have loved this when they were younger. Now that they are 10 and 11, they would rather have an interactive Transformer adventure. Still we love our Kinect, and although I can't participate in many of the Kinect experiences, I can bowl, and have the house record of 244 from my wheel chair. Good luck Double Fine, I hope the games knocks it out of the park.