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Killzone 3 came out this past Tuesday for most of the world. A few other regions are waiting until today actually. Regardless most of us who wanted to get our hands on this game have done so.

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CaliGamer2698d ago

I like how he states that the graphics had some short comings but never really articulated what those are. Kinda curious that you seem to have such a problem yet neglect to state specifically what you had a problem with.

I'm enjoying both the single and multi of KZ3, but to each his/her own.

GamerSciz2698d ago

I don't have a capture system yet to capture direct feed footage but there are some areas where you can see the textures are lower resolution and some areas where it looks really good. The snow area is fantastic and the attention to detail even with footprints being seen is impressive. Other areas like the junkyard a lot of textures look lower resolution. I could take a picture with my dig cam but you probably won't be able to tell the difference.