Microsoft Kinect-powered robot to aid earthquake rescue

As New Zealand tries to come to terms with Christchurch's devastating earthquake, rescuers continue to bravely work their way through the rubble in search of more than 200 missing people.

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NYC_Gamer2728d ago

people are using this hardware for all type of creative reasons

rezzah2728d ago

Seems to be best used for helping the world and it's technological advances rather than a in-house gaming device.

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Kalowest2728d ago

Kinect is saving people, wow. MS made a great piece of tech.

cereal_killa2727d ago

M$ bought the tech. Fixed!

Kalowest2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I know MS brought the company that made the Camera, and put their software behind it. With MS software(RARE) and funding, and PrimeSense hardware(range camera technology), Kinect was born. So just like my first comment "MS made a great piece of tech." your only half right also.

Wizziokid2728d ago

let's hope the lag doesn't lose them precious time in the rescue!

nah all jokes aside, I'm glad the tech is being used for something good.

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The story is too old to be commented.