HORI Real Arcade Pro EX for Xbox 360 only $84.99! (a $45 savings!)

Conflicting Gamers - "If you’re like me, you hate playing Fighting games with a standard controller.

But if you’ve been wanting to try out a good arcade stick but couldn’t see yourself dropping $130+ to try out one of the quality units on the market, then your procrastination has paid off my friend!....."

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SeNiLesBack2675d ago

I wish they made one of these for playing Defender, I'd be all over this!!

fromasterjay2675d ago

I've never used a fight stick before...not sure I'd like it!

xVeZx2675d ago

this is the stick DSP uses but i think he modded it with professional buttons and joystick

Firstkn1ghT2675d ago

Best stick around. It's already up at $101 tho.