PS3 hack case: George Hotz calls out ‘technophobic’ CEOs

George Hotz can’t discuss the specifics of the legal battle Sony launched against him after he hacked the PlayStation 3 last month, but he’s certainly free to share his general opinions on the greater battle between hackers and the multi-national corporations that loathe them. And that’s just what he did yesterday.

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CarlosX3602641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

You think you're innocent, GeoHotz? No, you're not. Your latest article, Mr. Hotz is full of "excuses."

And, by the way, by calling out C.E.O's across the board, is only going to cause you more trouble than its worth. Hehehe.

Crash and burn, GeoHotz. Crash and burn.

TBM2641d ago

please no more articles about hackers its getting boring now.

rockleex2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Geohot: “Some companies actually did something for their customers. And succeeded big time.”

How about free online play?

How about giving you OtherOS in the first place so that the homebrew community can be satisfied?

How about giving you tons of AAA exclusives like Uncharted that are better than hacking the PS3 and getting into a lawsuit just so that you can play Pong on the PS3?

Sony can do no right in his eyes.

user8586212641d ago

call out steve jobs am sure hes got plenty to say about hotz

Eamon2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

lol haha.

It's a strange feeling when you go on a mobile service provider and find a mod on the forum recommending people to jailbreak their iPhones for various reasons like unlocking.

AndrewRyan2640d ago

I have respect for Hotz. He allowed me to jailbreak my iPhone and for that I thank him. Most people would agree, but since he helped hack the PS3 for good, they will disagree and be raging fanboys.

People are going to hack and get games for free, and people are going to go legit. Either way I don't care what you choose, as long as you are not cheating in multiplayer games and ruining the fun for other players.

HolyOrangeCows2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Sony's CEOs are technophobes! They're afraid of the progress of OS's being illegally distributed and tampered version distributed. They should embrace the future of having no rights to their own creations.


You're a moron, Geonotz. A moron.
You continually make excuses and try to make Sony look like a meanie, but never truly justify the your illegal actions.

"George Hotz can’t discuss the specifics of the legal battle"
He's broken a bunch of other laws. Why stop now?
Oh right, because that would entitle him to jail time and he's a freaking hobbit.

"I see a lot of parallels with the ‘War on Drugs'"
Doing drugs = Hurting yourself
Stealing/distributing copy-protected codes/software = hurting jobs of a lot of people for the self-benefits

DigitalRaptor2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

You are completely and utterly correct HOC. Just like morganfell and many others on this site.

The sad part is, that this selfish kid will not stand down, even if he comes to the realisation that he has always been wrong. He won't want to admit this and potentially be prosecuted. So he will continually be an immature douchebag moron.

It's too sad that he thinks he can have a career in illegal activity on a corporate level.

It's even sadder that people are willing to pay him and support his actions, in some cases, just to spite Sony who have done nothing but try to protect their rights as a business.

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iPlayGamez2641d ago

apparently as usual no one even read the article they just saw GEOHOT and had an urge to post about how much they hate him. none of the comments are even related to the damn article.

SWORDF1SH2640d ago

Did you read the article??

Anyway this is clearly anti geohot which i support for all consoles

elmaton982641d ago

Hey how about hacker against the whole ps3 community? Does he knows what we want? I bet he doesn't. The whole non-hackers community want games not pirates why, cause we understand the game developers and we know that to get money we sacrifice money, and please geo dont talk about the community cause you don't know shit about what we want and we do not want otherOS it was useless in the first place

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Dart892641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Oh shut the f**k up you know what you did was face the charges against you like a man.

Edit:@above that's just plain out gross nobody needs to hear that.

liveActionLeveler2641d ago

Let the fucker speak, hopefully they will be the asshole's last words.

MWong2641d ago

His ending comments about the War on Drugs, was just stupid. His lawyers should give him a muzzle. This guy is the biggest douche ever

Focker4202641d ago

"Instead of a war on poverty
They have a war on drugs
So the police can bother me"

Gothdom2641d ago

it just shows how he has no clue on the amount of damaged he's caused on users.

“Some companies thought outside the box,” he said. “Some companies actually did something for their customers. And succeeded big time.”

Yeah, and sony did too, with otherOs, but he had to hack it and now nobody has it because of HIM.

gorebago2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

ceo's call out heterophobic douche bag hackers


but seriously.....he needs to go away

silence rather than whining is such a better tactic and just shows how weak he is as a person

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