25 Years Later... How The Legend of Zelda Changed my Life and Yours

GameDynamo - "As big as the world was, even more daunting (or liberating depending on your perspective) was the complete freedom you had - Link could travel almost anywhere. This was arguably the inception of open-world gameplay, which would evolve into the likes of Liberty City (GTA IV) and the Wild West of Red Dead Redemption. Back then, it just meant gamers had their hands full. "

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Burning_Finger2768d ago

No video games ever changed my life... That's just pretty pathetic if it did.

militant072768d ago

agreed, this kind of things disgust me.

games only for fun.

Lirky2768d ago

Well maybe some ppl having hard-times in Life so they turn to gaming and it made them realize things about themselves so they changed things, but thats your opinion.

AliTheBrit4202768d ago

Didnt change mine, never played a zelda game in my life

U mad zelgafags?


Goomb2768d ago

Talk about being literal! Plus, if you read the article, one of the points made is that it was the beginning of open world games, so if you enjoy open world titles, in part it's due to the Zelda series. Of course it changed nobody's life exactly, but it affected the future of video games. Maybe you guys are somewhat young to understand... no big deal.

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