GameSector - Retrospective Review: Dragon Age Origins

GameSector writes: Ferelden is a world inhabited by arls, kings, darkspawn, and grey wardens; each of which, have helped forge Dragon Age into 2009’s RPG of the Year. The release of Dragon Age 2 isn’t too far off now. With BioWare’s sequel to one of their most prized franchises so close to release, we figure it’s time for another retrospective review. Enter our review of Dragon Age: Origins and discover why it was named 2009’s RPG of the Year, and many others.

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Xof2727d ago

Here's my retrospective:

-Terrible main campaign
-Great gameplay
-Poor class variety
-Poor race variety
-Poor weapon variety
-Poor armor variety
-Poor enemy variety
-Poor spell/ability variety
-Awful morality system (rude=evil, polite=good)
-Worst narrative structer in a game in 15+ years
-Horridly cliched, unispired setting
-really ugly textures
-Ugly animation
-Final boss was a retextured enemy
-Kingdom only had 3 towns

That's about all I can remember.

Thankfully, aside from still looking to have litle variety, DA2 is shaping up to be a much nicer game.

Yi-Long2727d ago

... the shameless DLC-milking.

Anyone with a bit of sense will this time just wait a year until the GOTY is released for 20 bucks.

hassi942727d ago

Or just pirate the DLC.