Would You Buy Remastered Single Release Games?

With the PS3 receiving remasters of popular PlayStation 2 franchises and trilogies, is it time for publishers to consider remastering games that didn’t have sequels? Would you buy standalone games in a remastered form? CtrlAltKill examines five titles that they feel should be considered.

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AndrewE2763d ago

i would buy kz remastered with not shit AI

ksense2763d ago

I would go for a midnight launch if there is one for ico/sotc collection, mgs collection, ff7 remake, gta collection.

Nate-Dog2763d ago

You do realise this article is about standalone games being remade, not collections of games from series which have already been remade or which are in the process of being remade, don't you?

Besides, the ICO/SoTC collection has already been announced.

resistance1002763d ago

There's an ICO/SOTC box set on the way so no need to worry there.

Still i would hate to see a MGS collection remastered. That series should stay as it is. MGS1 would be ruined with HD graphics

Reibooi2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

It would really depend on the game.

I would buy a HD remaster of FFXII in a heart beat as well as games like Okami, Odin Sphere, SMT nocturne and a few others.

But pretty much everything else would need to be in a collection of some sort(which isn't hard considering most of the games people want are from a series.)

As far as collections I really want(know off topic but whatever) I would love to see a Silent Hill collection(mainly for Silent Hill 3) and my top of the list would be Xenosaga.

blazsox2763d ago

@resistance100 No love for MGS Twin Snakes on Gamecube?

kreate2763d ago

oh geez... just give us all the games remastered.

starting from the PSone days to the PS2 days.

and we'll buy'em.

im not going to list games that should get a HD remake cuz there's always something that gets left behind and it seems tedious to do so as well.

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Active Reload2763d ago

I don't mind at all having these remasterd games. It helps me cover some ground of all the games I missed the opportunity to play. The first Killzone would actually be on top of my list, along with Halo. I could never fully get into those games because I missed the first ones. I didn't start playing them until this gen. I went on an 8 year hiatus from gaming, no joke; 1995-2003.

gamingdroid2763d ago

I went on a gaming hiatus between 2002-2006/7. I actually owned an original Xbox, but mostly for the modding capabilities. I did buy MvC2 and Capcom vs SNK with a few others, but never really played.

Right before I got my Xbox 360 I played through Halo 1/2 after trying Halo 3 (and I sucked at multiplayer, still do).

I would love to get a remastered version of Splinter Cell series on the Xbox 360. I might have to buy that converter for Xbox 360 to PS3 controller....

morkendo232763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

anyone like side scrolling space shooters anymore??? gradius,r-type,silheed,
G-darius ,contra??? great to have these games in HD
geez louise.

nintenflo2763d ago

Even though these have had sequels I would buy
Remastered versions of these ...

Metroid prime
Mario 64
Zelda wind waker
Jet set radio
Gta sa
Final fantasy 7
Sonic 3

Hitman07692763d ago

There was a time when I wanted remakes really bad. At this point I would probably only buy a FF7 or FF6 remake though and I could really skip anything else. It just seems like I don't ever get the experience I had when first playing the game back and I'd rather preserve that memory than ruin it by having a less fun experience with a clone of the game down the line. Besides, I need my money for NEW games.

9thGenHero2763d ago

I love updated graphics, it like blu rays of favorite movies, however, I prefer the old star wars movies compared to the new ones

Godmars2902763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

A remastered and updated version of Skies of Arcidia that would be worth a $60 price tag? Sure.

And since I'm asking, may as ask for a remastered Xenosaga with a more fleshed out 2nd disc.

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