inFamous 2 new 720P screens will leave you electrified

Check out these 12 new screens from inFamous 2.

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gameseveryday2769d ago

Cole Looks a bit old in that he aging like Solid Snake?

jaidek2769d ago

He does look a bit different. I am rather impressed with the skin shader. Has a nice SSS effect to it. I really wonder how powerful you will start out in the sequel, or if you will be gimped in some way.

inveni02769d ago

Supposedly, you aren't gimped at all.

I think the game looks pretty good. This is in my top 5 most wanted for 2011 (along with Portal 2, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Batman:AC). But I'm a bit worried with these screens. There's a real weird blur that isn't compression, but it's marring the image. I think it's their AA solution, but if that's the case, it's not really working very well.

SpartanPrince2769d ago

He does look older but he eventually does have to look like *SPOILER* Kessler *END SPOILER*. Its not that big a deal tho

sobekflakmonkey2769d ago

Kesler didnt have tattoos.
Speaking of that, im really diggin his tattoos they looks so fuckn cool.

sh0ryuu2769d ago

You can't really say Kessler didn't have tattoos. His arms were completely covered.
Unless you played some beach volleyball version of infamous.

DaTruth2769d ago

When Kessler went back in time he changed the future, so it really doesn't matter what Kessler had!

A dude making a life married with a family generally wouldn't go out and get tattoos, but Cole's life had Kessler killing the girl before he married her; that would fundamentally change events in Cole's life, which was really the purpose of Kessler's trip back in time!

MNicholas2769d ago

and last time was the best looking game of it's kind but I don't think the guys at Naughty Dog will be sweating bullets over it.

Having said that, this does have true, 3-dimensional, open world gameplay.

plstcsldgr2769d ago

I'm guessing he isn't getting older but probably just like the last one your appearance will change with your karma. you do more bad things and you will get more rugged and evil looking while the hero is pristine and almost holy like clean. the karma trailer on the ps blog shows the new way you choose your path.

PS3BURN2769d ago

Cole looks like he just pissed himself in this he getting incontinent?

sobekflakmonkey2769d ago

he looks older because you can go two directions in the game, one he looks younger and more tanned if your good, and when your bad he looks more pale and that scar on his face gets worse.

kalebgray922769d ago

who is the girl in the vid.... is it going to be co op

kalebgray922769d ago

am i the only one who see's her using ice and fire when she dashes in the air?

Mc Fadge2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

There's two girls.

Kuo is the Asian girl and has ice powers.

Nix is the black girl and has napalm powers.

Both can teleport around, I'm guessing it's for AI convenience :P

Xilef2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

you can get either Kuo's or Nix's powers later in the game. It's like the choice i Infamous 1 when you decide **Spoiler** wheather to activate the bomb or destroy it.

egidem2769d ago have to appreciate the amount of work that Suckerpunch is putting in this sequel. First, there are now using body capture to make animations even better. I'm halfway through my inFamous 1 replay and I can tell you, the body and character animations are just rough.

Second, look at how much better the game looks! They made HUGE improvements!

2769d ago
sikbeta2768d ago

Just Awesome, Day One for sure...

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crystalnova20042769d ago

It's times like these I realise the power of the PS3. Awesome visuals

Overmind4202769d ago

This game looks pretty but methinks the actually gameplay is going to be the suxors.

BakedGoods2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Or are you just trolling?

The first Infamous was (is) fantastic.

inveni02769d ago

He's obviously trolling...unless "suxors" is some new slang for "rad".

SpartanPrince2769d ago

The gameplay infamous was a 10/10, I spent hours just roaming around empire city doing nothing but riding the rails and blowing up gas stations. There were only other minor gripes bringing down the game but gameplay wasnt one of them

theEx1Le2769d ago

I have had hands-on time with this, and you can be assured that this game is epic gameplay wise.

PS3BURN2769d ago

Since it has already been called Electrifying and Epic I'm just going to throw it out there;

It's stunning!

strickers2769d ago

So have I and I totally agree.Some saying the visuals aren't amazing haven't seen the physics in action.The world is so alive.

ThatCanadianGuy2768d ago

the gameplay looks shockingly smooth.

Clarence2769d ago

There's always prototype 2.....Everyone knows how much better it will be than Infamous 2........ May you should go play Crapdown 2. Now there's a game a fine 360 loving, PS3 hating fan such as yourself can enjoy.

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BIGTRIN2769d ago

Damn these make me feel good. I want to go out and electrify some people!

DEADEND2769d ago

I'm going to get a ton of hate for saying this but this looks better than Crysis 2 on consoles.

BakedGoods2769d ago

Haters hate the truth dawg.

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