Killzone 3's 3-D 'No Cheap Trick,' says Guerrila

Consumers have been slow to purchase 3-D enabled televisions, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from championing the technology. Currently, you can enjoy a variety of PlayStation 3 games in stereoscopic 3-D, including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5 and most recently, Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3, which offers a more realistic experience in the third dimension.

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donniebaseball2770d ago

It looks pretty freaking cool in 3D

Buff10442770d ago

I experienced it on a 120 inch screen....pretty incredible. haha...if only I had that in my home.

AndrewRyan2770d ago

At my best buy they had a 3D tv and killzone 3 set up. I tried it out. Was impressive. I finally understand why they have so much snow in the game.

MNicholas2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Crysis 2's "3D" isn't actually 3D. Instead, the software renders one image then warps it for the left and right eyes.

Killzone 3 is the brute force method which is also the only way to render true 3D. It's the method used to render 3D in movies as well. Like GT5 and films like Avatar, Killzone 3 renders an entirely separate image for each eye. As a result, each eye can see different parts of the scene that may not be visible to the other eye. For example, if there's an enemy soldier and only your left eye's view isn't blocked by, let's say, a wall, you still see the soldier.

While I haven't tried it, I've read that Move is the most precise controller available on consoles. Some even say it's more precise than mouse and keyboard.
Would be great to hear from someone on N4G with hands-on experience?

Tinasumsum2770d ago

3D on consoles is a cheap trick with short cuts taken no matter what Sony tells you.

BigBoss072770d ago

I wouldn't say more accurate than M/K, but when played with the sharpshooter, its definetily a whole lot of fun. The move is still alot more accurate than a ds3, but it requires practice to master the controls and a lot of fine tuning to get your settings right.

hoops2770d ago

Its not more precise than Mouse and keyboard. Whoever is saying that needs to actually use a mouse and keyboard for a FPS...

KZ3 does render a better form of 3D than Crysis but there are trade off's in doing so.
Resolution is lower when 3D is used in KZ3 and Aliaising is more present.

ct032769d ago

The stereoscopic mode of Killzone 3 is half-resolution. Only way to maintain the framerate.

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Knushwood Butt2769d ago


3D isn't essential, but it's pretty sweet.

It's like 1080p Vs 720p. Is 1080p essential? No, but if you have it then it's a no-brainer to take 1080p over 720p.

Take Super Stardust HD in 3D vs standard 2D. I rocks in 3D. I'll take the game in 3D over 2D every time. Is it essential? No, but if you have the option then it's a much better experience. Even in the case of that game where the resolution drops from 1080p in 2D to 720p in 3D.

Or Tumble in 3D. Again, it's still great in 2D, but I'll take it in 3D any day.

As for KZ3 in 3D, I've only just started playing so have yet to form a rounded opinion.

Sorry for long post..

DarkSpawnClone2770d ago

WHAT no cheap trick :( but there a awesome band :/ lol jk

chase1672770d ago

its allllllllllllsome in 3D

NBT912770d ago

Yeah? Neither are the 3DTV sets that we consumers need to purchase to actually enjoy it in 3D.
Sorry but I have to say; the statement that Sony made about "The best way to enjoy the Game is to have a 3DTV and Move" made me almost NOT get KillZone 3 I was like "Oh so unless I spend nearly a thousand pounds on equipment, the Game will not be as good as it could be?".

Fantastic Game though, finished campaign and after only a few games of MP it is my favourite FPS Game but 3D NEEDS to become cheaper to produce and to purchase.

BigBoss072770d ago

Yeah, if you happen to own a 3D TV to play KZ3 on, do it. I played it last night with the sharpshooter in 3D, and I was amazed how much you can actually get into the game. The 3D aspect added a certain depth to where if you look to the distance in-game, it actually looks far away. Blood spatter would shoot up at you, and the snow flurries would float gently towards you.

I had a guy throw a grenade straight at my face, and it seemed as if it came out the screen and hit me for real lol. Overall, at least try it once. Its not a gimmick, it looks awesome in 3D.

NBT912770d ago

If I already have a 1080P HDTV, would you say that 3DTV is worth investing in? (Not just for KZ3, but in general)

DlocDaBudSmoka2770d ago

most definitely. i had a reg 1080p 50", but wanted a 3dtv. The 3d is so much more worth it. Its really one of those things u have to see to believe.

BigBoss072770d ago

Well, Its worth it in my opinion, but this is the first new tv I've bought in like 6-7 years (whenever Circuit ctiy went out of business is when I got my old tv, but it was used).

I guess I got lucky in my timing because I had been saving for a tv for a while, a year and half. I bought the Samsung 46" 3D LED TV. It was orginally $2200, but I signed up for Best Buy's credit card program and got it with the deal going on for $1600. I got three year interest free with the card. I bought it in August 2010.

so far, I've payed off about 3/4 of the card and once my refund check comes in, I'm paying it off. Its a great tv with so many more features than I actually thought it had. :)

DaMist2770d ago

I'd say it's worth it. I had a 65" 1080p HDTV and when I bought my 50" 3DTV this past superbowl weekend, I had to move the 65" to my bedroom and put the 3DTV in my living room. It's that nice!

PS360PCROCKS2770d ago

oh hell yeah man 3D is awesome man! I have a 50" Pioneer Kuro and grabbed a 50" Panasonic GT25 for $998, it's a nice TV.

tis cheap^^!!

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